Why Have Comprehensive Car Insurance in California in 2024?

Why Comprehensive Car Insurance in California?

According to the Bankrate survey that was conducted in 2021, most drivers in California usually pay $2,065 per year. However, this is not the standard amount compared to other states whose rates are a bit lower than for drivers in California. That could vary depending on the city you are located in California.

You will be surprised to know that Los Angeles is one of the cities in California whose drivers pay the highest comprehensive car insurance premiums. According to the Bankrate’s report, they pay 37% higher than normal drivers in the state.

comprehensive car insurance

The situation becomes even worse for parents who want their teens and young adults to be driving on the road. Most insurance companies in California will require them to pay over $3,744 annually for comprehensive car insurance coverage.

This huge amount will vary depending on a number of factors including the type of car, the driving history of the driver, the number of claims one has made in a year, and the number of miles the vehicle is traveling every year. If your driving history is characterized by multiple violations, be sure of higher premiums.

Having known that, let’s dive into the five major reasons you should have comprehensive car insurance in California in the year 2022. So, are you ready? Let’s dive in.

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