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Thogori Karago Dead at 33: What Killed Ex-LinkedIn Boss?

Former LinkedIn Boss Thogori Karago Dead at a Hotel Room in Nairobi

The life of Thogori Chege Karago was abruptly cut short at a tender age of only 33 years on the 21st of January 2022. There are many questions surrounding her sudden death especially after her body was found in a hotel room in Nairobi.

Thogori Chege Karago was the former senior LinkedIn manager for entire Africa before she went on a retire. The door to her room had been locked from the inside making it hard for the hotel attendants to access her room.

This made them break into the room on the third floor of the Hotel where they found her body. Police later came to the scene and took her body to the nearby morgue.

Surprising, there was no physical injury on her body according to the Kilimani Sub-county Police Commander Muturi Mbogo. So what killed the former Senior LinkedIn boss Thogori Karago?

thogori karago dead

According to Police Commander Muturi Mbogo, most probably she had a blood clot in her brain especially after they found some medicine in her room. The results were inconclusive after the postmortem was conducted.

So, how was the career life of Thogori Karago? Keep reading.


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