Friday, September 30

Top 6 Kenyan Celebs That Are Blood Relatives & Suitable Insurance Company for Each

4. Kambua Muziki and Esther Musila

Kambua is a renowned gospel artist in the Kenyan Gospel industry who continues to release beautiful songs that are an inspiration to many. Of course, you know Kambua if you were following Citizen TV show Kubamba.

However, what you may not be aware of is that Kambua has a cousin who has recently become very popular after getting married to a popular musician known as Guardian Angel.

celebs and their suitable insurance company

Kambua’s cousin is known as Esther Musila. Of course, their relationship with Guardian Angel which ended in a marriage, rose temperature in Kenya after many discovered that Esther was 25 years older than Guardian Angel.

The relationship between Kambua and Esther Musila was kept secret or away from the public until recently when Esther was thanking Kambua for attending their wedding and they were referring to each other as cousins.

These cousins are simply quiet and not involved in many risks but they have kids. Hence the best insurance company for them from our judgment could be APA Insurance Company.

I am sure, you never knew that about these two Kenyan celebrities, right? 😇

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