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How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2022

5. Maintain a Good Online Reputation

A good online reputation comes up by having a good email sending score. So how do you achieve that? After you are done with writing a perfect email in step two above for your email marketing campaigns, go to Mail Tester and send a test email to see your score.

This online tool will enable you to see what needs to be corrected in your email to have a good sending score. Secondly, if you are using your SMTP, you have to ensure that you have warmed it up and sent your emails gradually. Learn more about SMTP Warm-up in this H-Educate video.

Another thing that will give you a good score in your email marketing campaigns is the bounce rate percentage. Bounce rate in email marketing campaigns refers to the number of email messages that are not getting to the receiver because their email address is wrong or not working.

A high bounce rate will kill your online reputation score. Ensure that your bounce rate percentage ranges between 0 to 1% in all your email marketing campaigns. Always validate your email addresses before sending the emails on the H-Supertool Free Email Validation Tool. That will ensure you send your messages to working email addresses.

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Finally, there are the complaints rates. How many people are reporting to Gmail that your emails are spammy? People can directly report to Gmail and tell them that your emails are not appealing to them. If you want a good online reputation in your email marketing campaigns, ensure you have 0-1% complaints rates.

The best way to reduce the complaints rates is by targeting the right audience when writing your email. According to Mr. Hassan, the CEO of H-Educate, always send your email marketing template into your inbox. Then, read it through and see if it looks spammy or not. Watch the entire video about sending emails into the inbox here.

The Bottom Line

Running high converting email marketing campaigns is possible if you know how to write perfect subject lines, and great emails, and how to ensure your emails land in the inbox. Most successful businesses have embraced these three tips and are making waves through email marketing campaigns.

After you are sure that your email message is perfect with low spammy rates, bounce rates, and complaint rates, you can use email marketing automation methods. Through the current email marketing software and tools, you can start watching your conversion rates increase daily.

I hope that this article has given you value, and you will apply what you have learned; take action today. If you have any questions regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or leave a comment below, and we will gladly answer you. See you in our next article.


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