How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2024

1. Writing Perfect and Outstanding Email Subject Lines

I consider this one of the most important tips that every email marketer should have at their fingertips. Maybe you could be asking yourself, why should I have a perfect email subject line? It is simple; it is the first thing your customer and prospects see.

If the subject line is boring, be sure very few people will click to read it. And if they open it, it will be to mark it as spam. But, on the other hand, if the subject line appeals to the reader, they will open the email to see its content. That should tell you that successful email marketing campaigns rely on email subject lines.

email marketing campaigns

So, how do you write perfect email subject lines: Follow the ABC Rule as Hassan from H-Educate calls it. In this rule, A stands for attention, B for benefit, and C for curiosity. Let’s explore more.

1. Attention

This is where you come up with a subject line that grabs the reader’s attention.

2. Benefit

In this aspect, you show how the email will benefit the customer. Let them know that they will get something in return if they open the email. Show them the benefit.

3. Curiosity

This one creates a kind of suspense and quest of knowing exactly what is the email body all about. In their curiosity, they end up opening the email.

Email Marketing Examples using the ABC Rule

If your subject line lacks the above features, your email marketing campaigns will continue producing nothing, and that’s not what we want for your business. So at this point, to help you understand this A-B-C Rule properly, let’s give you subject lines for email marketing templates:

  • Email Marketer? 3 Secret Tips to Boost Conversions 😎
  • Stuck in your Room? 10 Ideas to Work From Your Bedroom 🤑
  • 2 Days Left to Register

Let’s try and apply the ABC rule to one of the above subject lines. For example, the first one will grab the attention of all email marketers who are struggling to boost their conversions. Because it asks the reader a question, Email Marketer?” The subject line also shows them the benefit of “Boosting Conversions.” Finally, it stirs their curiosity to know the “3 Secret Tips” that they don’t know.

email marketing campaigns

Now, after you have come up with your subject line, ensure that it has been tested using a Free Subject Line Tester to know its score. That will determine whether the email will land in the inbox, spam, or promotional. So, head to H-Supertools and paste your subject line on the Free Subject Line Tester.


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