How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2024

3. Sending Emails Directly into the Inbox

The final tip that will make your email marketing campaigns convert into sales, views, followership, or anything is sending emails to the inbox of your targets. Gmail usually classifies emails into four basic categories: Spam, Social, Promotions, or Important (Inbox).

You can bet that most people usually open important emails. Rarely do they open promotional and social, although some do. With the email marketing examples we gave in section two, your emails will never land in the Spam or Social box but in the Promotions box.

email marketing campaigns

Now we want to make your emails be termed as primary and important by Gmail. So, are you interested in knowing how to send emails directly into the inbox? Then keep reading.

How to Ensure Your Emails Land in the Inbox of Your Target

Five major factors will determine whether your emails will be termed as spam or inbox by Gmail. Consequently, they will enable you to send emails into your prospects’ inboxes in your email marketing campaigns. Let’s dive in:

1. Work On Your Email Content

What are you writing about in your emails? How is your subject line? Gmail has a very intelligent tool that easily scans your email in seconds and determines where to put it in Spam, Promotions, Social, or Important.

Your content plays a major role in how the Gmail bots classify your emails. Ensure you are not using spamming words or abusive language. The spamming bots are super intelligent; any spammy word they find in your email will make your email end up in the spam box.

Always ensure that you write perfect email subject lines and test them in the H-Supertools Free Subject Line Tester. It will show you how Gmail bots will classify your emails. Then, when writing emails, follow the above discussion on how to write a high-converting email.

2. Don’t Use Blacklisted Domains

If you are sending your emails using a blacklisted domain, be sure that Gmail will classify your content as spammy. Now how do you check whether your domain is blacklisted? First, go to Mx Toolbox and check your domain. You will see all the companies that have blacklisted your domain.

email marketing campaigns

As you can see, Work From Home Trends has not been blacklisted by any company. You will see that indicated by zero listings and timeouts. You contact the companies that have blacklisted your domains to know the reason for blacklisting.

It is good to note that if your domain is newly bought and has not been used for some months or years, Mx Toolbox will show that it has been blacklisted. Consequently, Gmail will classify your emails as spam. So, don’t use newly bought domains to run your email marketing campaigns.


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