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How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2022

What Are Email Marketing Campaigns?

These send emails to various customers and prospects on a specified frequency within a specific time and day with a certain goal. Every email marketing campaign aims to achieve a goal: passing certain information or asking them to take a certain action.

Marketers use various email marketing campaigns to reach out to their prospects, including newsletters, welcome email series, cart abandonment campaigns, standard promotional campaigns, and many others.

Most businesses across the globe have planned scheduled email marketing campaigns for their customers and prospects. But the question is, how do they send those millions of emails to their customer base? Well, that’s where email marketing automation strategies come.

According to statistics, over 51% of companies and businesses use email marketing automation techniques. So why are businesses moving in that direction? Well, here are some of the reasons:

  • It saves time by over 30%
  • It is good for lead generation of about 22%
  • Gives higher revenue by over 17%
  • Good customer retention by 11%
  • Good monitoring of email marketing campaigns with 8%
  • It shortens the sales cycle by 2%
email marketing campaigns

Although some marketers say that email marketing automation is expensive, over 47% still believe it is worth the price. After all, if it saves you time and gives you good conversion, it is worth it. So, if you never used it in 2021, perhaps you need to consider it in 2022.

You can learn more about email marketing automation strategies by watching this video from H-Educate. The video plainly explains all you need to know about email marketing automation and how to double your sales using the strategies given. So, I highly recommend the video to you.


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