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How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2022

4. A represent Authority

Now that they have connected with you, the next thing is to show them that you fully understand what you are telling them to do. The Youtubers should see that you are a reliable source of information for them. You have to craft your text so that it shows that you can help them achieve the results you have achieved. Here is an example:

But after only three years of patience, research, testing, uploading, hard work, and understanding how the YouTube algorithm works, I have over 976,356 subscribers, over 60 million views, over 35 million watch hours, and counting.

Authority is a perfect aspect of email marketing campaigns that shows you already have results and know what you are doing. Therefore, they will not mind listening to you because they believe you have the authority and what it takes to guide them to success.

email marketing campaigns

5. R represents Reciprocity

Having trusted you enough, you need to show them that the value you are offering them is way too high compared to the price they will pay to enroll in the course. Since they want to benefit from your knowledge, you should also benefit from them by asking for a small fee or giving them free. Here is an example of reciprocity:

I know it looks stupid, but I’m happy to give you my YouTube Mastery Course for only $19.99, and trust me, I would have given it to you for even less, only that Udemy doesn’t allow me to sell it below this. So instead, I aim to ensure you have a stable source of income on YouTube as I have.

This aspect of email marketing campaigns makes the reader feel like you owe them something. By selling your course for an affordable price, you mean good to them. So be sure they will love to continue reading your email. You can also add this statement to make sure you get into their heart:

By the way, I have also decided to give you ALL the tools and apps that I have been using to grow my YouTube channel for FREE immediately after you enroll in my course. So let me know if you are interested in getting that after you have the course.

What this second part does is to show the readers further that you are transparent and you are willing to give them all that you have to grow their Youtube channels. So, you are adding more value by giving them free stuff.

email marketing campaigns

6. S represents Social Proof

The last aspect of our rule is showing them social proof. You can draft all of the above, but if your audience and prospects don’t see social proof, they will likely think you are tricking them. And guess what, you will have very low CTR, and most probably, they will ignore your email.

Social proof can be as simple as taking a screenshot of your YouTube channel performance, your Udemy dashboard, reviews, or anything that supports what you claim you have achieved.

Now you can decide to add a link at the end to let them take action or reply to your email and send them the link to your course. If you decide to add a link in the first email, you can write something like this:

If you are interested in the course, follow this link. or

Kindly access the course here

After that, you should copy the template to either your email marketing tools or send them directly to your email list using GMass. Gmail will classify most of your emails as promotional if you use the above email marketing templates in your email marketing campaigns. Watch this video to learn more about writing perfect emails.

But how do you make your emails land in the inbox of your potential customers and readers? Let’s wrap up this journey by exploring that.


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