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How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2022

3. Be Careful of the URLs You’re Using in Your Emails

It would help if you had it in mind when sending your cold emails or other mass emails; the links you will include in your emails can make your emails classified as spammy.

This is often the case for marketers who place affiliate marketing links to certain products in the emails. But how do you go about that? First, you can do URL cloaking or masking the URL. URL cloaking involves replacing your affiliate link with a safe domain,n but when the target clicks on it, it will automatically direct them to your affiliate product.

Secondly, you can create a landing page on your safe website and then direct your audience from email to the affiliate product you told them about in the email. I consider this the safest way to go about this. Never use affiliate links in your emails unless you want the Gmail bots to classify your emails as spam.

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4. Use a Different Domain for Tracking

Although tracking your emails is a good practice that lets you know which was opened and which one was not. It can contribute to having your emails landing in the spam box. Most of the tracking servers usually add a hidden URL in your emails so that they can know how the target engaged with it.

The Gmail intelligent bots can easily recognize those hidden tracking links and classify them as spammy. So, how do you solve that problem? First, turn off the tracking option if it is not that important. Secondly, use a different custom domain specifically for tracking your email engagements.

However, some email marketing services that are advanced and modern, like Mailchimp, will not require you to have a custom domain for tracking. Instead, they will do all the job for you because their tracking links are safe. But if you are running your email marketing campaigns using your services, apply one of the two solutions above.


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