How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2024

The tester will show you the score. Target to have a subject line that is above 80%. You can use various subject line testers, but I prefer the H-Supertools free subject line tester because it is reliable. Remember to use an emoji on your email subject line, changing your email marketing campaigns game.

It is sometimes not good to use exclamation marks or words like “hurry” in your email subject lines. They will decrease your score, and your email may be treated as spam. So, always test your subject lines before sending the emails. And apply the ABC rule always. Watch this video to learn more about this.

2. Writing Highly Converting Emails

Now that you know how to write a perfect subject line, you need to match it with a perfect email. A perfect and high-converting email typically keeps the reader stuck and can easily read to the end. They can easily click on the links in the process, hence the high click-through rate.

I will use a formula that Hassan from H-educate uses to show you how to write a highly converting email. So follow up with me. The formula that we are going to use is called the T-C-P-A-R-S rule. So if you can apply this rule in writing your emails for your email marketing campaigns, be sure of high CTR.

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The T-C-P-A-R-S Rule and Email Marketing Examples

1. T represents Target

This is where you ask yourself the target audience your emails are meant for. The subject line can give you a clue of your target audience if you are not aware of them. For example:

Youtuber? 3 Secret Tips To Reach 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 Hours Easily.

However, when it comes to email marketing campaigns, you must first discern who your emails are meant for. It could be email marketers, website owners, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. You can even be more specific in your target, like if your target is website owners, come up with segments of the type of blogs they are writing. For YouTubers, target beginners with less than 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. I mean, be more specific in your target for a better outcome.

2. C represents Call-out

I consider this point very important, just like the subject line. A callout is the first line of your email. It will determine whether your prospect will read it or not. A good example of a call-out can be:

Hey Mike,

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel subscribers and watch hours?

That call out should tell you that I am targeting YouTubers struggling to grow their channels. And if it lands in their inbox, they will be interested to know more.

3. P represents Personal Connect

It would be best to show them that you understand their pain and the frustrations they are going through. It would be best if you created that attachment and connection with them. We all know how growing a YouTube channel can be frustrating, so your connection email can be something like this:

Just like you, three years ago, I started my YouTube channel, and I never knew what I should do to get subscribers and the watch hours I needed to get monetizedso, Mike, I feel your pain and frustration ☺️…

With that text, you have created a personal connection that makes the reader feel you were in their shoes earlier. That will make them want to hear more from you.


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