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The Best & Highest Paying Remote Jobs in 2022

The Highest Paying Remote Jobs for Tutors in 2022

I know we have previously spoken of earning over $7,500 per month by tutoring students on Studypool but today, we have a new website for you that will perhaps be one of the highest-paying remote jobs than being a tutor on Studypool.

I don’t know whether you have taken an action with Studypool, have you registered with them? Have you started earning? Well, if you took action, then you must be somewhere. As you probably know on this website, we test every website we present to you to ensure that it is genuine.

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We have had a bad experience with some scammers on the internet that’s why we are here to help you out and probably enable you to identify one of your highest paying remote jobs from the many that we present to you. So, what do we have today for you? Well, keep reading.

The Deal

What if I told you that you will be paid $10.20 per hour chatting with adults and $12.00 per hour chatting with kids? As if that is not enough, being one of the highest paying remote jobs on the internet, they pay you every Monday via PayPal. You don’t have to wait for a month to get your payment.

I know that deal is very awesome and beautiful, you don’t need any qualification, a teaching certificate, a bachelor’s degree, or maybe a prior teaching experience to get started. They just need your ability to be fluent in your English. That’s all.

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So, who are we talking about here? Well, we choose Cambly for Adults and Cambly for kids as one of the highest paying remote jobs in this article for indeed, they are good at what they do. I know you must be wondering, what is Cambly? But just relax because I have everything sorted out for you until you start getting your dollars right into your PayPal account.

What is Cambly?

Just like Studypool, Cambly is an online platform that pays you for chatting with people from across the globe in English. By chatting I mean teaching them how to speak English and explaining to them clearly in fluent English. Do you think you are good at speaking English?

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If you think you are, then you can become a worker of these kinds of highest paying remote jobs from today. There are millions of people globally who are interested in learning the English language. Of course, this language is becoming increasingly popular and perhaps soon, it will be an international language for everyone. That explains why many people are learning it.

Some people just want to know conversational English that will help them express themselves in a better way. And that’s where you come in to teach them how to pronounce English words and how to introduce themselves.

Confidence is everything and being fluent in a certain language is one of the ingredients of confidence and self-esteem. These highest paying remote jobs in Cambly are meant for tutors like you who can teach adults and kids fundamentals of English language fluency.

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If you love kids, well, Cambly offers you the chance to interact with them and enable them to become good English speakers. Nevertheless, it is more involving and you will spend more time explaining, simply because they are children. But there is a bright side of it; it is one of the highest paying remote jobs on Cambly paying you $12.00 per hour.

Other tutors want to have adults in their class and you just need to choose adults and start your job. In Cambly, there is everything for everyone, you just need to be committed. But why do we recommend this website to our readers? Well, let’s see what they have for you as the tutor.

Why Choose Cambly?

Getting the highest paying remote jobs can be quite difficult and many work-from-home moms and freelancers have given up on securing such jobs. But Cambly has revived the hope of many and has started earning from this website. After all, you don’t need any experience or degree to get started. So, why Cambly?

1. They have a diversity of courses to tutor

It could be a very difficult thing if this website was only offering a single course for you to teach. However, the website understands the importance of having diversity on its platform. As a tutor, you can select the area of your expertise depending on your English fluency level.

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There is tutoring on fundamentals of English fluency that involves basic conversation topics, intermediate conversation topics, advanced conversation topics, English conversation 101, and 102. Also, there is professional development that requires you as the tutor to have strong English language skills. It is the kind of language used in business deals.

The other highest paying remote jobs will include teaching your students who can be adults or kids to express themselves in this internet age, caring for the surrounding on our planet, healthy mind, movies, television shows, the Olympics, and raising children among other things you can do.

2. They pay well and on a weekly basis

One thing that you will not be doing is to wait for the end month before having your money. This is one of the highest paying remote jobs that will pay you weekly on Mondays via PayPal. As previously mentioned, as an adult tutor, you will earn around $10 per hour while as a kid tutor, you will get $12 per hour. Either way, you will pocket your cash.

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3. They don’t require any experience

Although there is a form where you will fill in your experience, Cambly does not require any tutor to have prior experience in Tutoring. Now, if you had signed on to Studypool the time we presented it to you, you can say you have some prior experience with tutoring. However, if you lack the experience, Cambly will still give you these highest paying remote jobs.

4. Cambly does not require any qualification

Whether a newbie or professional, this website is willing to pay handsomely for your task. If you are thinking that Cambly will not welcome you to become a tutor because you lack a degree, then forget it. They don’t require any qualifications. Although they require you to fill your education during your application, they don’t consider your qualification.

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5. You can teach any time on your schedule

Whether you love working at night or during the day, Cambly is there to ensure you have constant work on your schedule. If you become a great tutor, students will be booking you as their favorite tutor and that translates to more cash. You can tutor anywhere across the globe at any time; the choice is yours.

6. It is easy to join

As I will show you next, joining Cambly has been simplified. As Studypool needed KYC, to start these highest paying remote jobs on Cambly, you need to upload a video showing how well you can speak in your area of expertise; maybe to adults or children. And within 15 minutes you will be done. So, what are you waiting for? Join Cambly now.

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7. Making a global impact

As previously mentioned, you will not be interacting with students or people from your region; you have students from every corner of the world. Can you imagine chatting with a Brazilian student then an Indian university student and finally a Nigerian student on the same day. I mean, it opens you up to diversity and cultures. It will change your perspective on multiple things. That’s why we recommend such highest paying remote jobs to our readers.

8. No tests required

We know most work from home and the highest paying remote jobs require one to take some assessments and tests. Like for Studypool, we had to take three tests to prove that we can write in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. But on Cambly, it is freestyle. They don’t stress you with tests; all they need is for you to complete your profile and why you think you need to join them. Then they will review your application and approve it. It’s that simple.

Having known why you need to work with Cambly, you will need to know the essentials you need and how to pass their application process. Right? So, let’s get started with the former.

Essentials of These Highest Paying Remote Jobs on Cambly

Now, what do you need to start earning with this website? Well, here are the essentials you need:

1. A Strong Internet Connection

This is a serious requirement on Cambly that you cannot afford to ignore. If you lack a strong internet connection, then you might end up losing your clients and earning less than required. This website believes that students learn best when technology is working smoothly.

They will require you to use Google Chrome browser version 60 or higher. You will need to test your internet connection as part of the signup process. That means you cannot join the club of highest paying remote jobs without a smooth internet connection.

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2. A laptop or desktop

Well, you could be having a strong Android or iOS smartphone but in this specific task, your mobile phone will not help you in these kinds of highest paying remote jobs. Cambly requires you to use the latest version of chrome on a desktop or laptop especially when doing internet verification. So, my friend, you will need a laptop or a desktop computer. Ensure your laptop or desktop has a webcam. You will be using that all the time in this remote job.

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Those are the essentials for this job. They are the ones you will use to chat with your students and answer their questions. I recommend having some headphones for better sound and some better lighting when chatting. Nevertheless, you can do without them if you are on a tight budget.

Cambly Tutor Application Process

Cambly Tutor application process barely takes 15 minutes to complete. I will classify it into four steps:

Step 1: Creating an Account as a Tutor

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We are not creating an account as English students because we want to earn. So, when you land on the homepage of Cambly, scroll down and you will see “become a tutor”. That is exactly what we are looking for. Click on that and you will be directed to a page where you click on “Get Started”.

You will fill in your email address and password and then click on create an account. Immediately, you will be directed to your profile where you will go to the next step. You will need to verify your email with the, which they will send in your inbox and you will be on your way to your highest paying remote jobs globally.

Step 2: Complete your Cambly Tutor Profile

This is where you get the chance to market yourself and show your expertise to your students. It is good to note that students browse various tutor profiles to find their best matches. That should tell you that getting these highest paying remote jobs will require you to make an attractive tutor profile.

In this section, you will be required to upload a video where you introduce yourself and greet your students. That will be the first thing that the student will listen to and determine whether you are a good fit for them. So, make it appealing.

highest paying remote jobs
Highest paying remote jobs

In this step also, you will add your teaching style like friendly, informal, fun, storytelling, descriptive, formal, etc. You will also write about yourself as an expansion of your introduction. You will add your English accent and other languages you teach, your work experience, education, and teaching certificates if need be. These kinds of highest paying remote jobs require a good presentation of yourself.

Step 3: Complete Supplemental Questions

Now, in this section, you will tell the Cambly internal team why you want to be a tutor on their website. For example, you can say, “I am a big fan of learning other cultures and languages while interacting with new people daily an opportunity that only Cambly can provide.” It doesn’t have to be a complicated thing; simple and clear.

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This is not shared with the students; it is for interview purposes. Don’t mention that you want to join them because they have one of the highest paying remote jobs; your application will not go through. Show them that you want to give value to their platform.

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Also, in this section, you will fill where you heard about Cambly. There are a lot of options to choose from like web search, friend, family, job boards, blogs, YouTube, Youtube Ad, Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads,, TeachAway, or others. Choose the one that suits you best.

Step 4: Complete the Connection Test

In this final step, Cambly will require you to prove that you are ready to chat with students. They will test your internet connection to ensure that it is fast for a smooth connection. Besides, they will need your laptop or desktop to be on the latest chrome version which they give you a link to download.

After the internet test, you click on submit button to send your application. They will review it and get back to you after a week or so. If approved, you will join the highest paying remote jobs club.

Commonly Asked Questions on Cambly Tutoring Services

Of course, most people have their questions regarding these kinds of highest paying remote jobs but don’t worry because we have it all covered right here. So, what are some of the frequently asked questions about Cambly?

1. Do I need to be a Native English Speaker to Tutor on Cambly?

Well, a simple answer is No. However, you must have a good command of English or any other language you want to tutor. Since many people have not mastered close to native English, Cambly end up preferring native English speakers. But that should not discourage you from applying if you are good and fluent in English.

2. How much do they pay?

Of course, a question on payment is often asked. Cambly is generous enough to pay their adult tutors up to $10.20 per hour and $12.00 per hour for kid tutors. They send your money via PayPal every Monday, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

highest paying remote jobs

3. What Equipment do I need?

Well, you will notice that these kinds of highest paying remote jobs require a very stable internet connection since you are talking with students. You don’t want a cut in communication when speaking with your clients. Besides, you need a computer, good lighting, a webcam, and maybe, headphones/microphone.


As you can see, getting approved on Cambly is not difficult, you just need to follow the steps we have listed above and showcase that you are there to add value to the students. Although you want to start earning with their highest paying remote jobs, don’t show that as your reason for joining their platform. Cambly is a great website and definitely, it will make your work-from-home experience better. As usual, take a step after you have read this article and all the best.

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