Tutoring Services: Make Superb $7,500/Month Tutoring Students in 2022

Earn Up to Six Figures with Studypool Tutoring Services in 2022

What if I told you that you can earn over $7,500 per month by simply tutoring students? That is quite a good deal for you to believe. But fortunately, it is true. Studypool tutoring services are here to help you earn good money using the knowledge you have. 

That knowledge you acquired in college or university that you are keeping for yourself, is needed. There are millions of students on Studypool who are ready to pay you for solving the questions they post for you and other tutoring services.

studypool tutoring services and tutoring students

Beautifully, the questions are easy to answer. However, I don’t want you to be a jack of all trades, concentrate on what you know you can do best. As you continually provide high-quality answers, you will gain a badge of the top tutor and that means a flow of money.

So, are you ready to start earning by tutoring students? Then keep reading to know more about this website.

Studypool Review

Studypool is one of the legit websites that are providing you an opportunity to earn by tutoring students across the globe. As usual in this website, we usually test a website before presenting its contents to you. Studypool tutoring services were not exceptional, we had to test them before recommending them to you.

On Studypool, students present thousands of questions daily, and your job after being approved is to apply. They usually give you 15 openings to throw your bids after which you are reward review points irrespective of whether you got a bid or not.

At Studypool tutoring services, you will get one of the subjects for tutoring students. This because there are hundreds of subjects to tutor including:

  • Business
  • Programming
  • Humanities
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Out of these six major subjects, there are minor subjects that make it more specific for you. That means you can choose your right area of expertise. Be it linear algebra, arts, rocket science, chemical engineering, macroeconomics, internal law, immunology, literature, JavaScript, music theory, Spanish, communications, job applications, etc. 

studypool tutoring services and tutoring students

As you can see, there is no way you can miss a subject you are experienced in. At Studypool, you have the privilege of tutoring students either using write-ups or through video. You can make your tutoring services more interesting by interacting with the students one by one.

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Now that you have known that Studypool tutoring services need your skills and knowledge, the next thing you are probably wondering is how to get approved to be a tutor on this platform. Well, it is never complicated, just keep reading. 

Tutor Application at Studypool 

1. Click on Become a Tutor

After you have visited the Studypool website, I want you to scroll down and click on “Become a Tutor”. That’s where the journey of tutoring services begins. You will realize that you are not the only tutor on the platform; they have over 50,000 trusted tutors. And you can join them.

2. Hit the Apply Button

After you have read and watched the video, hit on the “Apply Now” button. They will require you to fill in your email, username, and password. Ensure the username is unique and does not have any space. They will then send an email to you for verification.

studypool tutoring services and tutoring students

3. Verify Your Email

Go to your inbox and click verify and you will be redirected to the tutor application page. As a norm at Studypool, they vet all those who want to be tutors on their platform. This is to ensure that the tutor is qualified to provide the tutoring services needed.

4. Answer the 3 questions

You will provide the information about yourself and answer 3 simple questions on the subject you are experienced in. The application takes 30 minutes. In case, you don’t complete it in one sitting, you can pause and continue another day. 

For me, I chose economics because that’s what I am experienced and that’s what I studied. So, they gave me three-question where I was to submit using the APA style, MLA, and Chicago Style. The article was to be between 300-500 words. I was serious about it, did my research, and submitted clean work for the three articles.

5. Do the KYC Procedure

The final step was to Know Your Customer (KYC). So, I was to send a picture of me holding a banner written: “KYC FOR STUDYPOOL 24/04/2021” and my ID card.

The date on the banner is the date I applied for tutoring services at Studypool. Your picture should be clear, the ID card or passport plus the banner ought to be readable. So, I followed their instructions and submitted my application. 

Wait for 12 hours for their response

They told me to wait for 12 working hours for their response. You will notice that on 24th April 2021 it was during the weekend, so, I had to wait until Monday for my application to be approved and rejected. Fortunately, my application was approved by Monday evening and I was ready to start tutoring students.

studypool tutoring services and tutoring students

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So, it is simple to be approved, just provide high-quality answers, be genuine, do your research, and submit clear pictures of yourself. After approval, now I was free to start applying for jobs as an expert in Commerce. I was given a badge for that.

But why should you join this platform? Well, read on. 

Why Offer Tutoring Services at Studypool?

1. Multiple Homework Questions

To be honest with you, this platform has multiple questions. Every minute, there are questions on different topics that are flowing on your dashboard. Your job is to filter the jobs based on your favorite subject and start bidding. You will notice that other tutors are very swift in bidding, you must be swift also in your application. Irrespective of your specialization, there will always be a question for you. 

studypool review tutoring services and tutoring students

2. Studypool recommends new tutors to students

One thing I loved about Studypool tutoring services is the way they were recommending me to students despite being my first time on the platform. I applied for a job and Studypool recommended me to the student. That’s a great way to encourage new tutors and make them more visible.

3. Multiple payout methods

Studypool has multiple ways of paying you after you have earned your money. They have provided various methods to help you get your money irrespective of where you are across the globe. They can pay you through checks, ACH & Bank deposit, MPesa (especially for Tutors in Kenya and entire East Africa), PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise (Wise), and Western Union. That’s one thing I loved about their tutoring services.

4. They have low service fees

They ensure that you always get what you earn. Unlike other platforms that take such a great percentage of your earnings, Studypool tutoring services charge only 20% of your earnings. That means you will receive your amount in full without any deductions. 

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5. It is a reliable source of income

One thing is for sure, students are studying and they need some help with their homework. That means, there will never lack of homework assignments flowing on Studypool. That is a good thing because you will never lack your income. You make six figures income by simply dispensing your tutoring services and knowledge using your keyboard.

studypool review tutoring services and tutoring students

6. You have Full freedom and Flexibility

One of the many reasons why people prefer to work from home is the freedom and flexibility that comes along. With Studypool tutoring services, you work when you feel like working. The more you work, the more you earn. You can decide to work early in the morning or throughout the night, it all depends on your schedule.

7. It is a great side hustle

If you are employed and you are looking for a great side hustle that can supplement your earnings, then Studypool tutoring services are your partner. You can be working after your job or when you are idle in the office. You can maximize any opportunity you have and make a few bucks in a day while still in your workplace. 

I know you could also be wondering; how do I maximize my tutoring services earnings on Studypool? Well, let’s look at that before we fold up this review. 

How to Maximize Your Earnings on Studypool

Now that you have seen the reasons why you need to be a tutor, let me give you some dear secrets that will make you another henryprofessor or Robert F who are some of the greatest earners for offering Studypool tutoring services: 

1. Send the maximum number of bids daily

Studypool gives you a maximum of 15 bids to send daily. Ensure you make use of this opportunity. At first, you may not get any response but you will see students viewing your profile, and eventually, you will be hired by one of the students for your tutoring services. 

studypool tutoring services and tutoring students

2. Provide High-quality work

These students trust you that you are knowledgeable in what you claim you can do. That means you will provide them with high-quality answers and the best tutoring services. Poorly researched answers will degrade your ratings and you will never be upgraded to a tutor-pro position. Therefore, research the work, check it on Grammarly, and check it for plagiarism. The last thing you want in your work is plagiarism and Copyscape will help you out.

3. Be friendly to your students

When you happen to secure a bid from a student, make them your friend by speaking well to them. Do the revisions if they request it. Tell them to always reach out to you whenever they want any help with their homework and other tutoring services. Ensure they are fully satisfied and bid them warm goodbye. 

4. Deliver on time

Studypool will always reflect the ratings and reviews you got from students, ensure that you deliver the work given on time so that you can gain the student’s trust. Don’t bid for homework and tutoring services that you know you will not deliver on time. Beautifully, you will always see the timeframe when applying for a certain job.

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5. Start selling learning materials

This is a great chance for you to earn $10 for every successful sale. Remember that the platform has millions of students looking not only for help in their homework and other tutoring services but also for study notes and revision questions. You can upload those past questions, study notes, and revision questions on your portal and sell them. Studypool pays you $10 for every sale. They should be original and copyrighted. 

6. Focus on Providing Value not the Money Paid

Always focus on the value you give and the quality of your tutoring services. That’s why we recommend working even for the ones that are paying poorly. With time, the same students will recommend you to their fellow students who perhaps will pay well. Provide value on all your homework; the aim is to make the students pass the exam or earn marks from their homework. 

studypool tutoring services and tutoring students

I believe the above are great tips that will enable you to become a top earner with Studypool tutoring services. So, I don’t know what you are waiting for, take action today and get started. It does not cost you anything to apply, try it out.


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