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Simple Work From Home With Google in 2022

Work from home with Google jobs are many, you just need to get the right one that is genuine enough. At Work From Home Trends, we are committed to bringing you the best and most outstanding jobs from home that will make you good money if you put to application whatever we tell you.

We are a team of online professionals who have made money online for years and we decided to share what we know with you to at least help the upcoming talents who are looking for better work from home with Google jobs. We usually try working with any site we recommend and we tell you exactly what to expect.

work from home with Google

We have had bad and good experiences with some sites where we expose the bad ones like the Moneylm. xyz scam steals people’s time and money by pretending to be paying for watching YouTube videos. We have given our experience on the Moneylm. xyz review we made and thousands of people have been helped.

Consequently, we have experienced goods like the ones you earn for sharing links, and of course, those helpful ones are the ones we usually share with you. That should tell you that everything we share on this platform is genuine. You just need to take steps and consistent.

Enough of that, back to the topic of today. We are going to show you how to make over $100 daily from Google using a simple trick. This can be the beginning of your work from home with Google jobs and become stable financially. One thing we are sure of is this method is 101% legit.

So, What is the Trick?

I know you are curious about how you can make money on Google. Well, you don’t need any website or money to start this work from home with Google jobs. I will take you through four websites you will need to get started. Two of them you use to get your materials and the other two you use to make dollars. Beautiful, right?

That means you can earn more than the stipulated amount if you use all these websites. Now let’s dive in and start this adventure. Shall we?

The Four Websites You Need

As earlier mentioned, you need four websites to maximize your earnings. Here are the websites.


This is the website first website you will need. Well, everyone knows Google. It is one of the best search engines across the globe. Of course, this is not the only website you can use to do this work from home with Google jobs. There are others like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

So, the first thing I want you to do is to get a search engine. In this particular article, we are going to focus on Google. This is because we have tested and proven this task on it and found it to work. Okey? However, you can follow similar steps and use other search engines.

After loading, go to the GoogleNews section. In that section, you will see all the categories of the latest articles that have been written. I suggest you check the ones that have been published in the last 2 hours.

work from home with Google jobs

Another thing, don’t check the ones from your local, click on worldwide to get the news across the globe. At this point, I want you to focus on specific categories namely: Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Business, and Science for these work from home with Google jobs ideas.

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The reason we have chosen these categories is that, first, they are super-hot niches, and secondly, our three websites are based on these categories. Lastly, choose long-form articles that are mind-blowing and attractive to the reader. So, what are we saying in summary:

  • Go to Google
  • Proceed to Google News
  • Change location to worldwide
  • Get the latest published articles within the last 2 hours
  • Select entertainment, sports, health, business, technology, and science niches
  • Get the long, informative, and attractive articles

We are done with the first step. Now let’s move to the second step that will make our work from home with Google jobs a reality. So, keep on reading.


I know some of you may have heard of this website. And what is the essence of this website in our work from home with Google jobs quest? Well, on this site, you make the article you got on Google News plagiarism-free and make it original. This website does everything for you.

So, in this second major step, you will need to copy the long-term article you got on Google News. Just copy the text. Then paste it on the first box in The box is titled “Enter the text you want to be rewritten”.

After pasting the article, you will need to check whether you are a robot or a human. You will just enter the captchas they want and then click “GO”. After that, you will wait for some seconds and your written article will be in the second box titled “Your Rewritten Article”.

work from home with Google jobs

The next step is to open your MS Word. Cut or copy the rewritten text and paste it into your Word document. You will need to repeat this step depending on the number of articles you need in each category. So, in brief,:

  • Go to
  • Paste the article copied from Google News on Spinbot
  • Check the captchas and click “Go”
  • Copy the rewritten text and paste it somewhere safe

That’s the second step, very easy to do. So far you have spent no coin, but you have your unique article of 1000+ words making you ready for the remaining work from home with Google jobs. Let’s proceed to step three. Just hang on, we are almost done.

Share the Article

Having got your article, you need to submit it to one of the following websites:


This is the first website that we found to be very reliable and best for work from home with Google jobs that pays you for the health niche articles. Remember what we told you in step one, get the long-form articles in the health category. There are hundreds of them, you just need to do as we guide you and you will have your unique health articles. As you can see, this website accepts articles in the health and fitness niche.

work from home with Google jobs


This is another great website that pays people like you for the content on their website. As usual, the articles must be unique, informative, and attractive to the readers. also pays well, so you will enjoy it as part of thework from home with Google jobs right on your couch.

work from home with Google jobs

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Visit the website to read all that is needed including their terms and conditions. You will also see the email address to use to send your sample. Unlike the first one, they accept various niches including business, technology, among others. All that you need to know is written in their terms and conditions. So why not get started today? Sierra is waiting for your article.

More Information

These websites usually have a limited number of editors and contributors to cater to their high traffic. This is why they need someone like you to submit your articles and they pay you if it is valuable to them. These three websites pay very well for the work from home with Google jobs. Submitting articles that you never wrote is one way to get started.

Of course, they have requirements on the kind of articles you should submit including their length and topic to submit. Besides, the articles must be unique and plagiarism-free. Beautifully, the spin bot helped us in that. Now you are almost ready to start your work from home with Google jobs.

work from home with Google jobs

These three websites have an email on their website which you will use to send them your article. That’s how you submit your article for curators and approval. Mostly, they will need you to write a brief introduction of what your is all about. Then you attach, the article to your email.

Due to the high volumes of submissions, they can take up to 48 hours before giving you a response. However, go to the next website and do the same, and now wait for the approval. When your articles have been approved, your work from home with Google jobs starts immediately. Beautifully, they pay using PayPal. So, what am I saying?

  • Go to, Get their Email for submission of your article
  • Read their terms and conditions
  • Approval or denial of the articles
  • Jobs from home started if approved
  • Paid via PayPal

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We have given you all the information you will need to get over $100 daily by simply using Google News. You can repeat the process using Yahoo News. You will get similar results. It is as simple as ABC. This amount of money will remain a dream if you don’t put into application what you have learned in this article. So, when are you starting these work from home with Google jobs ideas? The ball is in your court.


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