The Best Remote Work that Pays You Over $50 Daily in 2022

Simple Remote Work of Selling Social Engagement in 2022

Have you ever thought that you could start earning from simple remote work from home by selling social media traffic like comments, subscribers, followers, likes, website hits, and shares, among others? Well, people are looking for a real human to follow them, like, comment, and share their content on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.

Your job will be to send this real human traffic to their social media accounts and in turn, they will pay you. Someone, could be thinking, but I don’t have those people; I am not an influencer. Well, if you thought this was a thing of influencers and celebrities who have massive followers in the IG accounts, you are wrong. 

remote work

You can now become that “influencer” who promotes other people’s social media accounts and you get paid for your services. You don’t need money to get started and no experience is required, you just need some little effort and you will get your money from this remote work.

In this article, we will take you through the websites you need to get the traffic and how you convert that to a remote work that pays you real cash into your PayPal account. As usual on this website, we try things out before we present them to you. These are websites we have tested and approved to be true hence writing about them here.

So, how do you start earning from today over $50 daily into your PayPal by simply selling followers, likes, subscribers, shares, comments, website hits, and other activities? Keep reading because everything will be unraveled here. Let’s get to the business, shall we?

What You Need to Get Started

, Unlike other complicated remote work, this one will not give you a headache because you don’t need an office or a quiet environment to do it. You can work from home without a desk or a comfortable couch, you just need to concentrate even if it is in your bed or on a bus traveling and your cash will flow.

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We understand that there are many scams out there that will promise you huge amounts like moneylm hidden scams and end up not paying you. Others like Brandsrate scams will promise little amounts but still will not pay you. If you are working online, you just have to be careful of the many scammers.

remote work

Enough of that, let’s go back to our discussion, to sell this social media traffic, you will need the following:

  • A stable internet connection – of course, this quite obvious for any remote work from home.
  • A mobile phone or computer – it all depends on what you want to use; both gadgets worked perfectly for us.
  • Commitment and speed – you just have to be committed just like a person working in a real office. Beautifully, the tasks you will be doing are quite simple. Every successful work-from-home person has portrayed certain traits which you need to demonstrate in this remote work.
  • The three websites – of course, you will need the official websites that are offering these opportunities. We will give you three websites you will use to get your cash. However, you can use two of them for the job; it all depends on how much you want to earn. 

If you are equipped with the above four things, then you are ready to start your remote work from home by selling social media and website traffic. Now, let’s dive deeper and look at the three websites. Shall we?

The Three Websites You Need

As we mentioned previously, you can decide to use just two of them and still make a very decent amount of money from this remote work from home. We will classify these websites into two; two of them are where you will be getting traffic while the other one is where you will be selling the traffic to the owners of various social media accounts. So, let’s explore the two categories.

Where to Get Traffic

We will give you two major websites that you will use to get traffic that you will, in turn, sell to your customers. We used the two websites, but we found one to be better than the other. Nevertheless, both of them can help you generate the needed traffic for your remote work. Here are the two websites:

So, who are they?


For over 10 years, AddMeFast has been at the forefront of enhancing the growth of various social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch, Likee, Telegram, etc. 

This website helps people grow their social presence and allows the buyers to choose who they want on their platforms. It gives flexibility that is rare where one can choose the country and location, they want their subscribers, commenters, sharers, or followers to be from, making it better for your remote work to be more successful.

remote work

Beautifully, AddMeFast does not sell likes, subscribers, followers, website hits, or views. That gives you a better chance to have real human traffic to the websites of your clients. This website will never ask you for the usernames and passwords of your social media platforms. Besides, they will never update crazy status on your accounts.

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That makes the website very genuine. After you register with AddMeFast, they will reward you with 200 points as a welcome token. As you remain active daily, they will give you 400 points daily bonus to encourage you to continue being active. 


This is another website that you can use to commence this remote work and accumulate your points which you will later sell to social media platform owners. We never enjoyed working with Like4Like because of their poor points reward but it is also a genuine website like AddMeFast.

One thing we noticed with the Like4Like website is that they have additional social media platforms you can work with to get more points and money. This website is simply made of a group of people that are quite dedicated to bringing traffic to social pages.

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From the information on their website, the Like4Like website does not contain any programs, plugins, or components from third parties. They have a team of programmers that are dedicated to ensuring the website is naturally flowing and easy to use for you.

They also have a contact page where you can reach out to them. Typically, they are another alternative for AddMeFast that will enable you to earn more in this remote work from home as you get value from their website.

But why did we choose to use the first website? Well, keep reading to see our reasons.

Why Choose AddMeFast

Without being bias or anything, we preferred this website to the other because of the following reasons:

1. They reward better

To tell you that you are welcome on their website, they will give you 200 points. When you start executing your tasks, they will give more points especially if you are following TikTok and Instagram accounts. You receive 20-30 points as opposed to Like4Like which gives you around 5 points.

remote work
Remote work

2. It is easy to navigate

Their website is not complicated to navigate through. You will get everything you need on your dashboard. You will see your points on top, you will see all the social media accounts to work with, and of course, if you want to send the traffic to a certain social media platform, you have the button right there. We loved it.

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3. They are quite active

Besides being the leaders in social media marketing, they have over 6.7 million active users across the globe in over 211 countries. That is quite great for your remote work success.

4. They have a user-friendly interface

You will not need any guide to help you on the website. Irrespective of the device you are using, you will have an easy time operating the website.

5. Great Support team

Although they provide support in the English language only, they are quite responsive to their customers

6. They offer several payment methods

Security is important when dealing with money and that is what AddMeFast understands. They ensure you have secure Credit Cards, Mobile, E-Wallets, and Crypto Payments in case you want to buy the points instead of getting them for free. 

remote work

The above should tell you why our remote work was more rewarding when we used AddMeFast instead of Like4Like. Nevertheless, you can still use it. 

What You Will be Doing on these Two Websites?

Now that you know the two websites that we will use to make our remote work possible, the next thing you could be wondering is what you will be doing. Well, we can just put it, clicking. That’s it. You will be involved in clicking various platforms and you will get points.

Your job on these websites will be to get involved in various activities like watching YT videos, following IG accounts, liking TikTok videos, visiting websites, and many other activities. As you carry out the activities, you will accumulate the points. These are the points we need to get started with our remote work and earn over $50 daily.

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There are hundreds of activities you can do in AddMeFast and Like4Like to accumulate your points. From our experience, the best activity that gave us the highest number of points was Instagram follow. They were giving us 20-30 points. We were using AddMeFast. 

remote work

As mentioned earlier, one of these two websites will give you more points than the other. From our experience working with them, AddMeFast rewards better than Like4Like. You need such a website that will increase your points fast to make your remote work more rewarding. So, we advise you use the AddMeFast website.

Sometimes the activities for a certain social media platform get exhausted, you just need to refresh or go to another platform. You can never run out of options with this website. For this remote work to pay you handsomely, we advise you to try and hit at least 10,000 points per day. If you are committed that will take you around 7 hours. 

So, where do you take these points or convert them to get your cash? That’s what we are looking into next; just stick with me and I will show you the bonus tip that will make your remote work boom. Will you?

Where to Sell Traffic

Your remote work cannot be complete without making money and the easiest way to make money is using the points you have accumulated in your AddMeFast and Like4Like accounts. The next step is to visit the third website which is known as PlayerUp. So, what goes on on this website? Let’s look at that.


PlayerUp is a marketplace where various players meet especially the seller and buyers. People create a listing and present what they are selling and PlayerUp does the middlemen’s role for them to enable them to sell their products or services. 

remote work

This website was primarily made as a forum for gamers but it has now become a marketplace where you can sell anything. As per our post today, we are selling likes, views, followers, subscribers, shares, and comments to interested parties on this platform. 

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As mentioned, there are buyers and sellers on this website, hence you don’t need to advertise or do anything to get your listing noticed. We will later give you bonus tips that will make this remote work more successful.

Steps to Selling Your Traffic on PlayerUp

1. Sign Up with PlayerUp

You will need to sign up if you don’t have an account with PlayerUp. Creating an account is quite simple, you just need to fill in your name, email address, password, and location. You must do human verification and agree to the terms of service before you hit the sign-up button. Verify your email and log in as a user. 

2. Search for the Services You are Selling

Now that you are in your dashboard, I just want you to search for the services we are offering, for example, Facebook Followers. You will see multiple listings which will help you to range how much you will sell your followers. 

remote work

3. Determine the optimal pricing

As beginners, we don’t want to sell them at a very high price, we just need to be realistic and a bit low than other sellers. However, don’t stoop so low. You will be surprised that the expensive listings are viewed by buyers as more realistic. So just be moderate in your pricing.

4. Create Listing

After you have known the rough pricing estimate for your remote work, scroll to the bottom of the website and you will see create a listing under Middleman. Click on it and create a middleman listing. Fill in your email, product name, and price. 

remote work

So, why should you use middleman listing? 

There are various reasons why you need to use middleman listing including:

  • Chargeback protection
  • No transaction fees
  • It does the marketing for you
  • It boosts your sales
  • There are multiple payment options – which means, you don’t have to use PayPal if it’s not available in your country
  • They offer sticky bonuses
  • They can upgrade your membership and verify your account
  • They have an easy checkout
  • Easy processes that make it very easy to use
  • You can sell anywhere and everywhere
  • They offer private transactions
  • They offer you only verified buyers for your offers
  • It filters fraud and keeps your account safe
remote work

As you will be going through other listings related to your field, you will see, that there are literal views, transactions and people are buying these services. You will see a red notice that certain listings have been sold. So, my friend, this can be your remote work; it is very genuine.

How Do You Exchange Points for Money?

Now after a buyer in PlayerUp is interested in your listing, they will deposit the amount with the Middleman, PlayerUp, and you will deliver the service and PlayerUp will release your cash through any payment method you choose.

The buyer will give you a link, a Facebook Page Name, or the username of their social platforms. Then you will go to AddMeFast and on your dashboard, you will see an option of adding your page or site. Click on that and add the buyer’s link or username depending on what they want. 

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AddMeFast gives you an option to select the type you want including likes, followers, subscribers, shares, comments, for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Vkontakte, Ask, Reverbnation, and even website hits. 

remote work

Besides, you will have an opportunity to select the country to promote the buyer’s site, the Title of the work, the total clicks needed, the daily clicks, and the CPC. CPC refers to the cost per click which is typically point per click. 

The buyer will give you the timeframe they want their tasks to be completed. After you have delivered your gig, the buyer will communicate with PlayerUp and if they are fully satisfied, your money will be released and that’s how your remote work looks like; no sweat.

Tips to Earn More in this Remote Work

1. Accumulate at least 10,000 points daily

Since it is easy to get points especially with AddMeFast, ensure you get at least 10k points daily. Go for those activities that give you more points and you will reach your points very easily. As mentioned, Instagram follows, subscribing, and liking on TikTok will give you points generously. Focus on those two categories until you exhaust them.

2. Be active daily on AddMeFast

This website gives you 400 points for being active on their website daily. So, make use of that opportunity and grab these free points daily. They make good money.

3. Be moderate in Pricing

When listing on PlayerUp, don’t place it too high or too low. Be realistic and you will be surprised to get buyers.

remote work

4. Satisfy your buyers

Customer satisfaction is a must if you will remain in this remote work. After you have delivered your service, ask them for feedback. Besides, don’t deliver exact followers, subscribers, shares, or likes, extend with say 50. They will come back for your service.

5. Be moderate in your CPC

When posting the buyer’s site or page on AddMeFast, you will see a place where you are to fill the number of points you are giving the workers who complete the task. The website requires you to give a minimum of 5 points and a maximum of 50 points. The more points the fast the job will be completed. 

However, in this our remote work, you need to be moderate, don’t just scatter the points like that. Be a little bit mean and still they will complete the tasks. Check what the other users are offering and duplicate your offers. 

6. Upgrade your AddMeFast Account

Now if you are tired of doing the tasks for over 7 hours to get the 10k points, you can decide to subscribe to one of their plans and you will have an unlimited number of points. The first plan is called Silver and it will cost you $159 per week. It gives you the liberty of posting 3 links simultaneously and an unlimited number of points.

The second plan is known as Gold which costs $459 per week. It allows you to place 10 simultaneous active links count and unlimited points. Finally, there is a Platinum plan which costs $959 per week. It allows you to have 25 simultaneous active links on your account and offers an unlimited number of points. 

remote work

With these plans, the CPC will be placed at 50 points and that means maximum performance for the post. However, they seem to be expensive especially for beginners who are just looking for remote work to get started. 

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As we had said, this is remote work that requires no money or experience, hence this tip is for those who want to be paying for this gig. Nevertheless, you can stick to the free plan and be more committed and fast in clicking and you will get the points you need.

7. Start a Gig on Fiverr or SEOClerks

This is the bonus tip where you can make your remote work pay even better. You don’t have to depend on PlayerUp only, you can start a gig on Fiverr or on SEOClerks where you offer social media services. Sell human followers, likes, subscribers, comments, website hits, etc., and offer them at an affordable price. You will be surprised that you will get buyers. 

8. Share and post your services on your social media platforms

Finally, post your social media services on all your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. Ensure to offer great services at affordable prices. With that, you have become an influencer without being a celeb or millions of followers on Instagram.


It is possible to start a remote work from home and earn excellently with this method we have discussed in this article. You don’t need to be a social media expert to start earning from this. Beautifully, it does not require money to get started. We have given you value on selling social media traffic as your remote work and you just need to get started. So, what are you still waiting for? Start it today.


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