The Simplest Way to Make Money From YouTube in 2022

How to Make Money From YouTube in 2022

Over decades, people have been looking for ways to make money from home and that has led to various discoveries especially among individuals who work at home. One of the platforms that have been providing decent pay to people globally is YouTube. Now it is easy to make money from YouTube without having a camera, microphone, or a studio.

make money from youtube

There is so much hidden potential in various social media platforms of which you can tap into and become the next millionaire in your town without that 9 to 5 job. The world is changing rapidly and we may not know what next might hit the globe hence the importance of having a side hustle business.

On this website, we have given you multiple gigs that you can do to supplement your salary or work from home job which we have proven to be working. All we hope is that you have taken the required steps to make them part of your jobs.

Today we will teach you how to make money from YouTube which will add to your knowledge bank and leverage your earnings. Making money on YouTube is such a diverse topic but, in this article, we will look at a few ways and more articles will be coming up regarding this. So, how do you make money from YouTube? Let’s explore.

The Genesis of Making Money From YouTube

I know you may have heard a lot of theories and narratives regarding this topic but we want to make things simple and clear for you to avoid any confusion if you are planning to venture into these kinds of remote jobs. 

Before we jump into the main discussion, there are a few things you should understand. First, YouTube will never tell you the kind of content to upload on your channel. Although they may have different categories, they will never tell you what to create on your channel. 

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

We usually advise people to know what they want to create on their channels before creating the channel. That eliminates confusion when you finally create a channel and guides you in your journey to make money from YouTube.

Second, they have a responsibility of ensuring that their viewers, creators, and even advertising get quality and value on their platform. That explains why they have a set of terms and conditions that you should abide by.

Third, it is possible to make money from YouTube as a creator hence YouTube holds you in high esteem. If you can abide by their rules, regulations, and guidelines, you can be sure that they will pay you on time for all that you have accumulated.

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Fourth, before you start making money from YouTube they vet and verify your channel to ensure that you are one of the best creators who should be rewarded for their creativity and hard work. Besides, they usually conduct periodic reviews of your channel to make sure you are abiding by their policies and guidelines.

Fifth, sometimes after you make money from YouTube, they will require you to pay the set taxes. Of course, this is a liability that you should not just ignore. They have the terms and conditions of use which is important to read before you think of making money from YouTube. 

Having understood the basics, we can dive into the first major way of making money on YouTube. At this point, I guess you have already opened a YouTube channel. Have you? Let’s briefly take you through how to open a YouTube Channel.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

I have had many people asking me; how do you create a YouTube Channel? Is opening a YouTube channel free? But relax, I will answer all your questions right here, so keep reading. Creating a YouTube channel is as simple as ABC. It involves four simple steps that we have followed over the years:

  1. Open a Gmail account
  2. Go to the official YouTube website and sign in
  3. Go to YouTube Settings and Create Your Channel
  4. Set up your channel

Let’s see the details. Shall we?

Step 1: Open a Gmail account

I guess that Gmail is worldwide making it easier for everyone across the globe to have an easy email address. We usually advise that you create a new Gmail account that is separate from your formal and known email address.

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

There are two reasons for that; it keeps your online work in order and second, YouTube may one day decide to block your channel and its associated Gmail account if you break their policies and regulations. So, why not create a Gmail account and have a new email address?

Creating an email is simple, just go to Google, Bing, or any search engine and type in “Gmail Sign Up”, hit the search button and you will see results. Click on the one from Gmail, not the ads. Gmail will require you to fill in your first and second name, password, preferred email address, date of birth, and phone number.

Assuming you are going to call your YouTube channel, “Bright Ideas Hub”, you can enter your first name and last name as Bright Ideas Hub. Gmail will give you a suggestion of the email to have depending on whether it has been used before.

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If the name is unique, your first preference of how you want your email to be will be accepted by Gmail. So, if you are to make money from YouTube be unique. Verify your phone number, and you will have a new email address. Creating an email address will take you five minutes.

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

Step 2: Go to the official YouTube website and sign in

Now that you have your designated email address for your YouTube channel, visit the YouTube website. After everything has loaded, on the top at the right corner, you will see the “Sign in” button after you click on the menu. 

Smash the Sign in button and use your newly created email address to sign in. Use a password you can remember, preferably the one you used in creating your email. To make money from YouTube requires good organization skills.

Step 3: Go to YouTube Settings and Create Your Channel

After you have signed in, go to the right corner again on the top and click on those three lines which is the menu. You see an option of, “Create a Channel”. Just click on that and you will be on your way to making money from YouTube. 

YouTube will require the name of your channel. Since we have an idea of what we will be creating on YouTube, we had created an email that is similar to the name of our channel. So, we will just pick our name from the email and call our channel Bright Ideas Hub.

Step 4: Set up your channel

Your journey to make money from YouTube is still rolling on. At this point, we want to make our channel different from the rest on YouTube. Since we have selected a beautiful name for the channel the next thing is to upload beautiful images.

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

By images, I mean your channel logo or Icon and the channel art. Those are the preliminary images before you start uploading thumbnails for your videos. Make your channel art as attractive as possible depending on what you are posting.

In the above channel art, it is clear that the channel deals in uploading the latest movies. Even if they never placed their YouTube channel on the art, the images can tell you exactly what they are dealing with. 

You will also need to write a good “about us”. Elaborate what your channel is all about, make it precise and clear for everyone to understand. Proper presentation of your brand is a great way of boosting your earnings and an easy way to make money from YouTube.

So, what are the frequently asked questions about creating a YouTube channel? 

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating a YouTube Channel

1. Is opening a YouTube Channel free?

Creating and opening a YouTube Channel is free. That makes it even easier for you to make money from YouTube without any investment in cameras, microphones, and other necessities of a studio. As you can see in the above guide, it is simple and free; it will take you only 5 minutes or less to do so.

2. How much does it cost to start a YouTube channel?

As mentioned earlier, there is no cost incurred, it is free to start a YouTube Channel. However, if you are creating your original videos, you may spend a few dollars to buy the equipment and complete the production process. On the other hand, if you are using creative commons videos, the cost is absolutely nil to start a YouTube Channel. So, how much does it cost to start a YouTube channel? Nil if in creative commons content and some few dollars for original content.

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

3. How do I open YouTube in Chrome?

It is simple:

  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. Search for YouTube on Google. 
  3. Click the official website from the results and you will land on YouTube.

4. How do you start a YouTube Channel and get paid?

So, is it hard to start a YouTube channel? No, it is not. We have shown you how to start a YouTube channel on your phone or on the desktop which involves four steps but to make money from YouTube and get paid, there are extra three steps. So, here is the complete steps:

  1. Open a Gmail account
  2. Go to the official YouTube website and sign in
  3. Go to YouTube Settings and Create Your Channel
  4. Set up your channel
  5. Visit the YouTube Studio 
  6. On the left, you will see Monetization
  7. Join the program if your channel has reached the required threshold by YouTube
make money from youtube
make money from youtube

5. How much money do 1 million YouTube views make?

From various YouTubers, 1 million views can make you somewhere between $3,400 to $40,000. Well, for us, we have not had 1 million YouTube views on our videos, however, we have interacted with other YouTubers who were lucky to have millions of views. 

I know you could be wondering why the difference. Well, from our research, making money from YouTube mostly depends on the location and the type of content you are having and uploading on your channel. 

Generally, if your channel is getting most of its views from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, you are likely to earn up to $40,000 for 1 million video views. 

Nevertheless, if most of your followers and views are from third-world countries, you are likely to earn around $3,400 to $10,000 for 1 million views. To make money from YouTube also depends on your content niche. Channels in making money and finance niches are paid better.

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At least you have a clue of how to start a YouTube channel, how much to expect, and now the next thing is how to make money from YouTube. So, just keep reading as we unravel the mystery. 

The Major Way of Making Money from YouTube

Joining YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

Have you been wondering how thousands of YouTubers are making thousands of dollars on YouTube? Well, we have just shown you the method they are using; the YouTube Partner Program. If you have been exploring how to make money from YouTube, you may have come across this program. 

So, what is YouTube Partner Program (YPP)? This is a program in YouTube that grants creators access to YouTube features like access the Support directly and monetization or revenue sharing from various ads on your videos. 

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

You can bet that there are thousands of creators if not millions of them who want to make money from YouTube. That’s why YPP has a criterion for joining the program and applying for the program. If you are diligent in following their guidelines religiously, your channel will be approved and you will start earning money from YouTube.

How to be Eligible for Joining the YouTube Partner Program?

Well, this is a common question among aspiring Youtubers and the answer lies in the YPP eligibility requirements that they have set on the ground. Five major requirements will determine whether you are eligible to join the YPP:

1. Follow all the set monetization policies

These are policies that govern monetization on YouTube. For you and every creator to earn money from YouTube, they will need to follow these monetization policies. Carefully read and understand them before applying for the YPP.

2. Be a residing in a country that is allowed by the YPP

There are hundreds of countries that are part of this program. Check whether your country is allowed into the YPP. This will guide you on whether to monetize your channel.

3. Achieve 4,000 real public watch hours in the past year

Most people usually focus on this feature. Of course, this is what gives YouTube a sign that you have been providing quality things that your audience or viewers like. By the time you have reached 4,000 public hours, you are good on your content and YouTube has a clue that you are offering quality stuff.

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

4. Have over 1,000 subscribers

That can be easy to achieve if you encourage your friends and family members to follow and subscribe to your channel. I have seen other people who buy the subscribers which can be catastrophic to your channel and highly discouraged by YouTube. It is against their monetization policies. If they notice you bought your subscriber, they will pull down your channel. So, just be genuine and let the channel grow naturally.

5. Possess an AdSense account

To make money on YouTube, you will need a Google AdSense account because that’s where your cash will be sent to. It will act as a dashboard of showing you the amount you have made over the years, how to set the ads, and all that stuff. Opening a Google AdSense account is simple.

So, how do you open or create an AdSense account?

  • Visit the official website of AdSense.
  • Click the “get started” button
  • Enter your URL of the website you want to monetize – in this case, we are YouTubers, hence we will log in to our YouTube channel, head over to creator studio, and on the left menu, you will click on monetization. 
  • Enter your valid email address
  • Choose that you want AdSense to customize your website for you – this will enable you to make money from YouTube more profitably. However, AdSense does not restrict you from making your customization.
  • Save your work – after you have filled all that is needed click the “Save and Continue” button.
  • Log in to your Google account – remember the password you used when you created your Gmail and Google account.
  • Select your region, territory, or country – this is one crucial piece of information that AdSense uses to determine how much you will be paid. Check whether the program is available in your region or country. As mentioned earlier, YouTubers in developed countries will be paid more compared to the ones in third-world countries. 
  • Review read through, and accept the terms and conditions of AdSense – you have to accept the terms, conditions, and policies of Google AdSense to make money from YouTube.
  • Click the “Create Account” button – you see how simple it was. After you create an account, you automatically own an account with Google AdSense.
make money from youtube
make money from youtube

After you have created your account, you will notice that there are certain options that you cannot access since they are grayed out. That should tell you that you need to complete a few tasks to activate your AdSense account. 

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Now that you own an AdSense account, what are some of the things that will make your YPP application successful? So, what are those tips?

How to Have a Successful YouTube Partner Program (YPP) Application Process 

To be considered for the YouTube Partner Program, there are set guidelines that they require you to meet as long as you have met the threshold. However, we have this guide for you that will make your application process more successful to make money from YouTube:

  1. Ensure your channel follows YPP policies
  2. Have 2-Step Verification enabled in your account
  3. Have 4,000 real public watch hours and over 1,000 subscribers
  4. Sign and agree to YPP terms of operation
  5. Have a single AdSense account
  6. Stay active during the review period which is usually one month

Let’s look closely at the above tips for better understanding on how to make money from YouTube.

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

1. Ensure your channel follows the YPP policies

We have mentioned it before that the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) has terms, policies, guidelines, and conditions that are to be adhered to. For you to make money from YouTube, these YPP terms and conditions must be met to make your channel outstanding even before you apply for the program. 

They usually conduct a routine check on your channel to ensure that it is still abiding by the set terms and policies. Once you break their guidelines, your account will be expelled and your membership ceased.

2. Have 2-Step Verification enabled in your account

To ensure that there are no spam and illegal visitors into your account, it is prudent that you enable this feature in your channel. This line of security helps YPP know that you are the real owner of the channel and you are ready to make money from YouTube. 

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Lack of this second line of defense besides your password has cause delays during the application process. So, why not enable this security feature today in your channel for easier and faster YPP approval?

3. Have 4,000 real public watch hours and over 1,000 subscribers

This is the threshold that YYP reviewers have set for every channel that wants to join their program. This helps them know the kind of content that you produce and your commitment to uploading quality content to your viewers. 

This threshold enables them to make an informed decision when determining whether your channel qualifies for the program. This is a major milestone for you to make money from YouTube with your videos. You can tell them to notify you when your channel has achieved this threshold.

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

4. Sign and agree to YPP terms of operation

After your channel has reached its set threshold of 4,000 public watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, you can follow the following instructions as a sign that you have signed to the YPP terms:

  • Log in to your YouTube channel
  • Visit the YouTube Studio feature in the right corner at the top
  • Click the “Monetization” button found in the menu on the left side
  • Click the “Start” button found on the Review YPP terms card 
  • Sign their terms – they will put a green button written “Done” to show that you have completed this step.

5. Have a single AdSense account

To make money from YouTube with your videos, YPP will require you to connect your channel with a single AdSense account. You will need to click on “Start” on the “Sign up for Google AdSense” button card. 

If you own an AdSense account before, there is no need to create a new one. If you are new to this, just follow the on-screen instructions that they will give you to create an AdSense account. Creating an AdSense account is simple, follow the guide we gave above. 

Irrespective of the YouTube channels you have, you can connect them to a single AdSense account. For faster YPP approval, have a single AdSense account. Once you have connected your channel to AdSense, they will mark the step “Done” and your vision to make money from YouTube will continue gaining clarity.

6. Stay active during the review period which is usually one month

In this last process, they will review your submitted YPP application. Since there are thousands of applications in the queue, you have to be patient for at least a month. They use automated systems and human reviewers to review the content of your channel and make sure you have followed all the guidelines. 

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You can check your application status by logging into your channel, clicking on “creator studio” on the top right corner, then on the left menu click on “monetization” and you will see your status.  

You cannot speed up your application, so just exercise patience for those 30 days or more if there are issues. Remember to stay active by uploading the videos more frequently while still adhering to the YPP policies.

Final YPP Decision

There are two options or results of your application, “Approved” or “Rejected”. If you have been approved, you are now ready to start setting up and customizing the ads you want to run on your videos to start monetizing your videos and make money from YouTube.

Note: YouTube Partner Program (YPP) has the right to disable your monetization if you are no longer respecting their policies and terms. Besides, if you stay inactive for 6 months or more, they will automatically disable your YPP account.

how do you make money from youtube

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If they have rejected your application, perhaps their human reviewers or automated systems found that your channel is not meeting their policies, terms, and guidelines. Nevertheless, that’s not the end of your journey, you can reapply after 30 days and perhaps, you will be accepted after addressing some red flags of your application rejection. 


Making money from YouTube has been simplified in our millennial age and YouTube is willing to support creators all through. We have discussed YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which is a major way you can use to make money from YouTube. After you have met the YPP subscriber and watch hour requirement, signed the YPP terms, and connected your AdSense account, your application will be placed on the queue for review.

They will get back to you to inform you of their decision after reviewing your YPP application. This usually takes 30 days or more when there are delays, system issues, or high application volumes. Nevertheless, their specialists try their best to go through the applications as quickly as possible. So, are you ready for easy money from YouTube? Start your channel today on any niche of your choice. 


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