Skystra Web Hosting Company: How to Start a Blog With Skystra and Earn Instantly in 2022

Start Your WordPress Blog With Skystra Web Hosting Company and Start Earning in 2022

One of the best ways of making money online is by having your own blog. Although many beginners fear the costs related to owning a website, there are some awesome web hosting companies like Skystra that are out there to help you set up your blog.

For $3.89 a month, you can start your website and make it a source of income for yourself. When it comes to having a successful blog, you will need to be extra careful when choosing your web hosting company. This is what determines the speed and security of your blog and its content.

Many people aspiring to start their blogs are at a crossroads because they no longer know which web hosting company to use. There are hundreds of web hosting companies but on this website, we recommend what we have tried and tested which is Skystra.

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So, do you want to start a blog, online store or to completely switch to a more reliable web hosting company? Well, Skystra is the best option we have for you. Many reasons made this web host our choice. In this article, we will let you know everything about web hosting company Skystra. Let’s jump right in and start our adventure.

Who is Skystra?

Well, Skystra is a technology infrastructure company that aims to bring your ideas online. They provide high-end web services and a platform for hosting your emails, websites, and register your domain names. Unlike other web hosting companies that solely focus on squeezing every penny out of you, Skystra focuses on the well-being of its customers.

This explains why they offer the best services for hosting your blogs, emails, and domain registration. Because of their commitment to customers, they are now home to over 530,000 websites globally in more than 85 countries. Numbers do not lie.

Photographers, influencers, developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, digit nomads, and bloggers across the globe are using Skystra web hosting company for their websites. Why should you be left behind? Register with Skystra today and get in on the action.

So, as you can see, this is a reliable domain registering and web hosting company that is trusted by thousands of blog owners. Now, how do you start your blog with them? Just keep reading.

How Do You Start a Blog with Skystra?

The first step in having your blog is determining what you will be talking about in your blog – your niche. There are thousands of ideas and topics to write about. You just need to choose the one that suits your taste and preference. Something you love doing would be best.

skystra web hosting company, web hosting companies,

After deciding on your niche, you will come up with a domain name for your site. And this is where Skystra web hosting company comes in to give you a helping hand. They give you the option of searching for your preferred domain name and hosting the domain for you. They also ensure that it comes with all you need to keep your blog safe on the internet.

At Skystra, you will not need to hire an expert to configure nameservers or get too technical. They take care of that for you by automatically installing WordPress on their WordPress hosting plans or WordPress and WooCommerce on their WooCommerce hosting plans. With that, you are ready to start publishing your articles. It is that simple to register your domain and host it on Skystra.

Why Should You Get your Blog Domain Name and Hosting from Skystra?

1.    High Speed and affordable prices

An outstanding feature with Skystra web hosting company is that they have what you need for your domain and blog. Whether you want the extension to be .com, .org, .net, .tech, .co, or .io, they have them ready for you. Amazingly, they are all at very affordable prices starting at around $9.89 a year.

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You will be surprised to know that it barely takes 1.1 seconds for your website to load fully when hosted by Skystra. We all know the importance of blog speed when it comes to SEO and time spent on your website.

2.    All domains come with Private ID Protection

Unlike other web hosting companies, Skystra ensures that every domain you register with them is protected and has an option of Whois protection. This masks your private information from public domain records. Also, when you transfer your domain names to Skystra, a private ID is available as well. That’s how they keep your personal data safe while you run your website online for the world to see.

3.    It is simple to register and host a website

Can you imagine registering your domain within 5 seconds? That’s awesome. That means you can start publishing your articles on your new blog the same hour you purchased your domain. You just need to search for your preferred domain name and sign up for a hosting plan, everything will connect on its own to bring you online easily.

skystra web hosting company. web hosting companies

4.    Your domain goes live after seconds – 1-Click Connect

From our experience with other web hosts, it is very easy to buy a domain but making it go online takes some time, about an hour or so. But this is not the case with Skystra web hosting company. Right, when you register for a domain name and sign up to hosting, you get a WordPress Dashboard to build your website and your domain name is live right away. That’s awesome.

If you have domains registered elsewhere, you can connect to your WordPress hosting at Skystra easily pointing your DNS records. Their team will even help you with that.

5.    They keep your domain secure

After you have found your preferred domain, they give you the option of locking it down. This will prevent people from stealing or transferring your domain to other web hosts. This feature only allows authorized transfers. You can unlock it anytime you want to transfer your domain but that will never happen because you will enjoy Skystra web hosting company.

6.    Easy to manage

Skystra has made its dashboard one of the easiest among web hosting companies. You can easily manage all your domain names and their nameservers in your dashboard. They have put everything in one place, making it quite simple to manage your presence on the internet.

skystra web hosting company

7.    Innovative human WordPress expertise support

They focus mainly on websites, domains, and emails. That’s what they know how to do best. Whether it is your WordPress blog or a WooCommerceonline store, they are there to ensure you are covered and your questions answered. When it comes to website hosting, they are WordPress gurus and they will definitely guide you.

Should we say they are the best in applying the latest technology? Well, they ensure your website or store runs on the latest technology on the market.

8.    Transparent

This is a virtue you will rarely get in most web hosting companies. But with Skystra, you will know exactly what they do with your money. They provide a transparency report containing a breakdown of how your dollars are used. That’s a rare trait on the internet.

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Now, does Skystra only provide domains and hosting for your website? Well, let’s explain that and a few other solutions they offer.

Skystra Services and Solutions for your Blog

Having registered and hosted your blog with them, Skystra does not stop there, they go further to make sure your WordPress website or WooCommerce store is the best in the market. Here are some of their services:

  • WordPress hosting – no coding skills needed to start posting on your blog. they ensure it will run super fast.
  • WooCommerce hosting – they ensure your store is fast and reliable. They do the initial WooCommerce installation for you to make your store ready for product setup and transactions immediately after you sign up. That’s perfect.
  • Cloud hosting – for high traffic WordPress websites where dedicated resources and scalability are a must.
  • Email hosting – you get professional emails that are sync with all your devices. They have anti-malware and anti-virus systems that scan every incoming and outgoing email.
  • Domain names – it is simple to register your domain which comes with a free domain lock, optional domain privacy, and 1-click connect.

Some of their solutions include:

  • Daily backups – you get daily backups for your website and email where they provide daily snapshots, instant restores, and 14-day version history.
  • Advanced security – prevents hacks from ever reaching your website with their AI-powered firewall, malware scan and remove, and an active firewall.
  • SSL certificates (free!) – you can easily encrypt your WordPress blog with free SSL to protect your visitor’s information. It is compatible with all your browsers while enhancing the SEO of your website.
  • Website migration (free!) – Skystra web hosting company team takes your website data from your old provider and restores it into your new account for free. No-fuss or muss.
  • Premium caching – this is where they enhance your website’s speed by up to 125%. It makes your website lightning-fast and well-optimized.
  • Skystra Care – Skystra is there to help in updating your WordPress updates, Plugin Optimization, and maintaining your theme.

Skystra Pricing and Plans for your Blog or Store

As previously mentioned, Skystra web hosting company offers very affordable services for your WordPress website, WooCommerce store, emails, and domain name registrations. Let’s take a brief look at their plans:

Skystra WordPress Hosting Plans

With only $3.89/month you can set up your blog and start posting using the Go plan. On this plan, you host one WordPress website, enjoy a Free SSL certificate, automatic WordPress install, Free CDN, and a free WordPress website migration.

skystra web hosting company, web hosting companies

The second plan, Plus, which I highly recommend will cost you $5.89/month with unlimited WordPress sites and SSD storage. The third plan, Max, costs $12.89/month which is the ultimate WordPress solution that gives you all essential features plus free Advanced Security.

  • WordPress Go Plan – $3.89/month
  • WordPress Plus Plan – $5.89/month
  • WordPress Max Plan – $12.89/month

The different prices do not mean that the Go plan is not powerful; they only differ on the features you can access. But as a beginner, you can start your blog with Skystra Go WordPress Plan. It contains all you need to get started on WordPress. When you start more websites, you can easily upgrade to the next plans up.

Skystra WooCommerce Hosting Plans

With only $5.89/month you can start your WooCommerce online store and start selling immediately. WooCommerce hosting comes with three plans. The first plan is Go which is $5.89/month to host your online store.

skystra web hosting company

It comes with features like unlimited products, a Free SSL certificate, Free CDN, SEO Tools, WooCommerce Migration, and Multiple payment processors.

  • WooCommerce Go Plan – $5.89/month
  • WooCommerce Plus Plan – $9.89/month
  • WooCommerce Max Plan – $19.89/month

The second plan is for high-performing stores and is called WooCommerce Plus which costs only $9.89/month and includes multiple stores and unlimited email addresses among other features. The third plan, Max, costs $19.89/month and it contains all that you need for your store and comes with high performance and advanced security.

These are perhaps some of the fairest prices you will pay for hosting a website or online store. Make use of these fair deals to get online. Let’s now check how you can start earning immediately with the blog you have registered. Shall we?

How to Start Earning With Your Skystra Blog

Now that you have created your blog and perhaps you have started posting, I want you to register for free with the Skystra Affiliate Program. The beauty of their affiliate program is that you will earn 50% of every successful sale.

That is a very good way of monetizing your new blog. The more you share your affiliate link, the more you earn. Skystra web hosting company is appreciative of every customer you send their way that’s why they give you 50% of your referral’s hosting subscription payment.

skystra web hosting company

They usually pay you either through cash or credits to use their web services. They have no daily caps meaning you have unlimited earning potential. That means you can refer people to them and the money earned pays for your hosting fee. You can operate for free with Skystra web hosting company. So, in summary, with the Skystra affiliate program:

  • You earn 50% of sales
  • There are no minimums to start earnings
  • No caps to your earnings
  • Paid in hosting credits or cash
  • No corners or fluff – it is straightforward
  • They have an affiliate team that helps you boost your sales

Your referral cookie lasts for three months, that is 90 days. You can easily check your referral statistics on your affiliate area dashboard. You will see the sign-ups, clicks, conversion percentage, commission balance, payouts, and the withdrawal button. They pay you in USD directly to your PayPal account.

For Skystra’s referral bonuses, you will get a 50% bonus every time your referral subscribes for a whole year’s plan. After 61 days, you will receive your bonus. Fill in some details on the affiliate application form and start earning. As you can see, there are various ways to start earning with your new blog.


Skystra is a web hosting company that will help you fulfill your blogging ambition at a fair price on an easy-to-use platform. From what we have presented to you above, you don’t have any excuse for not starting your blog. Skystra has an expert and knowledgeable team to ensure your blog or store is secure, reliable, and fast. Why not register your domain and host your blog with Skystra web hosting company today?


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