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Earn From YouTube

In our previous article on making money from YouTube, we took you through the major way, YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which thousands of YouTubers are using to make money from YouTube. Besides, we have shown you how to join the program and how to make your YPP application successful.

how do you make money from YouTube
How do you make money from YouTube

In this article, we will give you more value and a breakdown of the contents of the YouTube Partner Program to give you a clear picture and answer questions like how do you make money from YouTube, which has been a major concern among most newbies YouTubers. 

We will discuss one out of the five ways you can use to make money on YouTube with YPP in this guide. The other four ways will be discussed in length in the other subsequent Ultimate Guides. 

We want to fully exhaust each feature while we keep the article short for easy reading and fast comprehension. So, how do you make money from YouTube? Just keep reading to learn more on the first major way of making money on YouTube.

How Do You Make Money From YouTube With YPP?

Before I list this major way that you can use to make money on YouTube Partner Program, let me literate that you must be approved for YPP before you can enroll in any feature. As mentioned in our previous article, ensure that you read through the YPP policies before applying for this program.

A major requirement of being part of this program is having over 1000 subscribers and at least 4,000 public watch hours in the past year. Besides, you must have linked your YouTube channel to a single AdSense account.

We have clearly shown you how to open an AdSense account and how to create a YouTube channel and make it attractive among other important information you should know as a YouTuber before and after the YPP application. So, how do you make money from YouTube through YouTube Partner Program? Through one or more of these features: 

  1. Advertising Revenue
  2. Channel Membership
  3. Merch Shelf
  4. Super Chat & Super Stickers
  5. YouTube Premium Revenue

These are the five methods we will discuss in these Ultimate Guides Series. Understand how each method works before you rush to monetize your videos. Each feature or way has its qualification and requirements that you need to fulfill besides the 1,000 subscribers and the 4,000 watch hours.

how do you make money from YouTube
How do you make money from YouTube

Depending on whether your YouTube channel is eligible or not, the automated systems and the human verifiers of YPP will make some ways available or unavailable. Nevertheless, whichever method you are approved for, you can use to get paid on YouTube.

So, how do you make money from YouTube? Qualify for any of the three YPP features; advertising revenue, channel membership, or merch shelf. Remember great content and following the set legal requirements of the YouTube Partner Program is a must. 

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We will explore each feature to give you a proper understanding of your question; how do you make money from YouTube. In this ultimate guide 01, we will discuss on advertising revenue YPP feature. Let’s jump in and learn more.

Advertising Revenue (Ad Revenue)

As mentioned earlier, each feature has its eligibility requirements hence some features may either be available or unavailable to you depending on your channel qualification. However, as long as you have been approved for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), you will have access to one of these features.

how do you make money from YouTube
How do you make money from YouTube

How do you make money from YouTube? Well, with Advertising Revenue, you will be paid by YouTube for running ads on your videos. In my own opinion, I think this is the most common money-making feature on YouTube Partner Program that almost every YouTuber qualifies for. 

After you have followed all the YouTube monetization rules, you will qualify for YPP which gives you access to earning from YouTube using ad revenue. When you have turned on the Vid monetization feature, there will be diverse types of adverts that will either appear on your videos or just next to your videos. 

You will need to log in to YouTube Studio to control or choose the kind of ad placement you want in your videos which can be before, during, or after the video. How do you make money from YouTube? Choose one of the ad formats presented by YPP. So, which are these ad formats? Let’s briefly look at that.

Common Ad Formats to Use in Your YouTube Videos

There are generally 5 ad formats that you can use and get paid on YouTube:

1. Skippable Video Ads

We have all seen these kinds of adverts while watching movies, music, and other videos on YouTube. Usually, the skippable video ad runs for 5 seconds before it gives you an option of skipping it; it plays in form of a video player.

How do you make money from YouTube

The skippable video ad can be showing anything related to your YouTube channel content. If your channel content is movies, you will likely see Netflix skippable ads. Nevertheless, sometimes the ads do not fully represent your YouTube content. So far, so good, and how do you make money from YouTube? Use skippable video ads.

These types of ads give the viewer the liberty of skipping them after 5 seconds after which they disappear and the viewers continue enjoying their videos. These skippable video ads can appear on various platforms including desktop, mobile devices, game consoles, and even TVs. The video can be pre, mid, or post your movie or video.

2. Non-Skippable Video Ads

Have you ever clicked on a video on YouTube and an advert starts playing immediately instead of the video content you were expecting? Well, those are the non-skippable video Ads. YPP has made it a rule that all the non-skippable video ads should be watched before your video starts playing.

how do you make money from YouTube
how do you make money from YouTube

So, how do you make money from YouTube Partner Program? Make use of the non-skippable video ads which run for 15 to 20 seconds. These non-skippable video ads are controlled by some regional standards that have been set by YPP.

It is these regional standards that determine whether the non-skippable ads will run for 15 or 20 seconds in your video. For example, people living in certain countries like India, Malaysia, EMEA, AND Singapore can have 20 seconds of non-skippable video.

This may also depend on the browsers that are being used especially for the Third-Party Served (VAST). For the Site Served videos (the ones uploaded on YouTube), only allow 15 seconds of non-skippable ads. So, how do you make money from YouTube? Allow non-skippable ads into your videos.

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Nevertheless, non-skippable ads will fetch you good money on YouTube. They usually appear on Desktop, TVs, mobile devices, and game consoles.

3. Bumper ads

This is another way you can make decent money on YPP using your YouTube videos. Bumper ads are usually the alternative to non-skippable ads but they only last for 6 seconds. However, both bumper and non-skippable ads only play before your video starts.

These short non-skippable video ads are usually turned on whenever you have allowed skippable and non-skippable ads on your content. Viewers can see these bumper ads on Television, desktop, mobile devices, and game consoles.  How do you make money from YouTube? Make use of these bumper ads.

4. Overlay ads

Finally, there are these overlay ads. They appear on the video in form of a text or an image. I am sure you have seen them on YouTube. They usually appear on the lower part of the video taking about 20% of the video. Now, how do you make money from YouTube? Allow overlay ads in your videos.

Unlike skippable, non-skippable, and bumper ads, overlay ads only appear on a desktop platform. The other ad formats have additional platforms on TVs, mobile devices, and game consoles but not for overlay ads. They are usually 468x60pixels or 728x90pixels in size.

5. Mid-roll ads

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube and you saw a countdown of around 5 seconds appearing on the video before an advert came up? Well, that channel has been monetized using the Mid-roll feature. So, how do you make money from YouTube in the middle of your videos? These midrolls are there for you.

Although this is not part of the ad features that will show on the Advertising Revenue page, it is part of the Ad Revenue that will boost your income from YouTube. Mid-rolls are adverts that show on long videos that are more than 8 minutes. 

how do you make money from youtube
How do you make money from YouTube

These adverts usually show up at the beginning and the end of the video. Nevertheless, they can be strategically placed in between breaks in the middle of your video. YPP automatically places these Mid-roll ads where there are natural breaks within the video. 

By doing that, the video does not break the viewer experience and does not deny you some money. My friend, how do you make money from YouTube? Turn ON the Mid-roll ads for every new upload you are doing; I mean, make it part of your default settings.

YouTube has provided an ad break tool that you can use to create, preview, and do the editing for the automatically placed Mid rolls. Besides, you can use the tool to place these Mid-roll ads manually. 

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The viewer experience will be different depending on the platform or device the viewer is using. If they are using a desktop, they will see a 5-second countdown before the mid-roll advert start showing on the video. If watching on other platforms like mobile devices, a yellow marker will appear on the video progress bar to show when the ad will show up.

Now that you have known some of the ad formats to use in your videos, how do you turn on the ads? Well, this is part of the major question we are answering; how do you make money from YouTube. So, let’s learn more about that.

How to Turn ON the Ad Revenue Feature

At this point, I assume that you are already a member of the YouTube Partner Program and you want to Turn ON the Advertising Revenue feature in your videos. Besides being a member of the YPP, I hope that your videos are in line with the advertiser-friendly content rules and guidelines from YouTube.

If everything is a tick, then you are ready to turn ON the adverts in this first feature. It is good to note that ads do not just appear after you turn ON; the video must go through standard processing or verification where human reviewers or/and automated systems review it to ensure it follows the set guidelines.

The turning ON of adverts on your videos is a sign to YouTube that you have the rights to every audio and element in that video. How do you make money from YouTube? Ensure the videos you are about monetizing are original and you have all the rights to their contents.

1. How to Turn ON Ad Revenue Feature for Individual Videos

  1. Go to YouTube official website and sign in to your channel
  2. On your top right corner, click on your channel logo, and you will see a drop-down menu. Click on “YouTube Studio”. 
  3. On your left side, you will see a menu, click on “Content”.
  4. Select the video you want Advertising Revenue features to show and it will open
  5. On the left menu, click on “Monetization” which will open to a page containing the ad formats that your channel has qualified for.
  6. Choose the kind of advert format you want to run on your video
  7. Then click on “Save

It is that simple, you don’t need any support to monetize your videos for the Advertising Revenue feature to start running. So, how do you make money from YouTube? Turn ON adverts on your videos. Is that clear?

how do you make money from youtube
How do you make money from YouTube

2. How to Turn ON Ad Revenue on Multiple Videos

Just like turning ON Ad Revenue for individual videos is not complex, so is for multiple videos. Follow this guideline:

  1. Go to YouTube and Sign in to your channel.
  2. Head over to “YouTube Studio” – this is found on your right side at the top of the website. Just click on your channel icon, a menu will appear and you will see YouTube studio.
  3. In your left menu click on the “Content” and all the videos you have uploaded will show up.
  4. On the left side of the individual thumbnail, you will see a grey box. Select the box for any video you are planning to monetize.
  5. On top of the video list that you have opened, you will see a black bar where you will see “Edit”. Click on the “Edit” and then click on “Monetization”.
  6. Click “ON” which is in the Monetization. In case, you want to change the ad settings at once; in bulk, just click on “Add Edit
  7. After you are done, click on “Update Videos” after you check the box on the consequences of the action.

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YPP will engage their automated or human reviewers to check whether your videos follow the stipulated guidelines. Now, how do you make money from YouTube? Allow Advertising Revenue feature on all your videos; that will boost your monthly revenue. 

3. How to Turn ON Midrolls on Your Videos

I decided to treat this feature singly because it is usually misunderstood by creators and making a tiny mistake on it, you will end up annoying your viewers. Most of us are used to pre-rolls that appear before the video plays and post-rolls that appear at the end of the video.

how do you make money from YouTube
How do you make money from YouTube

However, some midrolls can be a great way to boost your income if your videos are more than 10 minutes. To activate these types of ads, you have two options, you either do it automatically or manually. Nevertheless, you have to turn them on. Follow this guide:

  1. Go to YouTube and Sign in to your channel
  2. Click on the “YouTube Studio
  3. On your left menu, click on the “Videos”. Choose from the videos the one you want to run midrolls and select “Monetization
  4. In the monetization page, under “location of video ads” check that box that is at “During video (mid-roll)”

After you have completed the above, midroll ads will be placed automatically into your selected videos whenever there is a natural break. How do you make money from YouTube? Allow midrolls to run in your videos. It is now the work of YouTube to find the most appropriate ad placement and the frequency in the video that will give the viewer a great user experience. 

4. How to Set Midrolls Breaks Manually and How to Delete them

Sometimes you may want to place the midrolls manually by yourself maybe after seeing that YouTube automatic placement is not accurate. In that case, follow this guide:

  1. Go to YouTube and Sign in to your channel
  2. Click on the “YouTube Studio”
  3. On your left menu, click on the “Videos”
  4. Choose from the videos the one you want to run midrolls and select “Monetization”
  5. In the monetization page, under “location of video ads” check that box that is at “During video (mid-roll)”
  6. You will see “Manage Mid-rolls”. Click on that and you will have two options: adding the break or deleting the break. 
    1. Add an advert break” – if you want to add your break, click on “+ ADD BREAK”. Choose your desired time start time.
    1. Delete an advert Break” – In case you want to remove the break, click on the delete icon (dustbin icon) next to the break you want to delete.
  7. At your top-right, click on “Continue” and then the “Save” button.
how do you make money from YouTube
How do you make money from YouTube

You can do the above process when you are uploading the videos and it will still reflect on your videos. How do you make money from YouTube? Place the mid-roll ads manually to your already uploaded videos or the ones you are uploading for a great viewer experience.

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Let’s close this with eligibility requirements for the Advertising Revenue feature. Shall we?

Eligibility Requirements for Ad Revenue Feature

Once you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you can now access the various monetization features that we will discuss in the next Ultimate Guide Series. However, to be eligible for Ad revenue you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Be above 18 years – of course, if you are a minor, you can use your legal parent or guardian details to sign in with them. They are the ones who will be managing your money on AdSense
  2. Follow the advertiser-friendly content guidelines
paid on youtube

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By this time, you will have already followed the other guidelines of YPP and if you further satisfy the above requirements, you are eligible for this feature of monetizing your YouTube videos. So, how do you make money from YouTube in conclusion?


Earning money on YouTube is one the greatest way YPP can reward you for the content you are giving to their viewers on their platform. If you have reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours then, you can start your journey to earning on YouTube. Ad Revenue feature is one way we have answered the question; how do you make money on YouTube, that you asked us. There are 4 more ways and answers to this question; check them up in our next Ultimate Guide Series.


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