The Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2021? Read This First!

The Best Place to Host and Buy Your Blog Website Domain

To have a blog website, you will need a domain and a hosting platform. For years, we have been hosting this website,, on Hostgator. One thing I love about Hostgator is its great support team.

I can say that their support team is the one that guided me in every single step towards achieving a great website. Sometimes I could mess up with CSS codes of the website theme, asking them and giving advice.

They will help you add the txt codes for AdSense or other best Google AdSense alternatives if you are a newbie in that area. You can run a website on autopilot with HostGator; trust me in that.

best Google AdSense alternatives

Another great thing with Hostgator, they offer very affordable hosting plans. For example, I host this website using a Baby plan as low as $3.50 per month. With that, I can host as many websites as I need using that one plan. 

That is one thing I love with Hostgator. However, if your budget is not up to that, you can go with the Hatchling plan, where you host one website; you get a free website, free SSL, a free domain, and free WordPress transfer.

You will only need to pay $2.75 per month. So, if you want a free domain accompanied by low hosting prices, then go for Hostgator. I have proven them and found them to be very efficient in their operations.

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