The Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2021? Read This First!

2. A Forum Site

This is the second type of website you need to consider if the blog is not your thing. I know many bloggers who are making good AdSense revenue using a forum site. 

Other bloggers have used other the best Google AdSense alternatives to make money using a Forum site. As the name suggests, this website provides a platform where people discuss ideas or share their minds on specific topics. 

The perfect example that I can think of that is well established in this field is Quora. This is a question and answer platform where someone posts their questions and other participants answer the questions.

best Google AdSense alternatives

If Quora was monetized by AdSense or other best Google AdSense alternatives mentioned above, I am sure they could be making millions of dollars every month.

You can establish such a website, and a forum and start driving traffic, and you will be surprised at how much you can earn. Some forums have even gone a step further to have plans for their members.

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By plans, I mean; some members access the platform for free, and others pay for the access. Those who pay usually don’t see adverts whenever they visit the website. However, for free members, ads usually run.

Of course, at first, you will need to write short content to initiate discussions on forum websites. 

That should tell you that you can earn using the best Google AdSense alternatives or AdSense itself, where they run adverts on your website and through subscriptions. 


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