The Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2021? Read This First!

Who is Google AdSense?

We can refer to Adsense as a program owned and run by Google. The publishers serve text, videos, images, and other interactive media ads, which usually target the audience and the website’s content. 

best Google AdSense alternatives

In other words, it is a platform on which the advertisers present their ads, and the publishers offer the spaces where the advertisers’ ads will be displayed. Thus, it acts as a middleman between the advertisers and the publishers.

They get you the best quality advertisers, and you, as the publisher, provide the best quality content. However, the administration of those ads is usually done by Google. You can get revenue from Google AdSense when the ads are clicked (per click PPC) or when just seen (per impression).

That’s basically how we earn as publishers or owners of the website. This Google online advertising platform was initially released in 2003 and has been on the ground for almost two decades.

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The platform has continued to be more popular than its competitors. Platforms like YouTube rarely use the best Google AdSense alternatives. For any YouTube creator who has been approved for the YouTube Partner Program.


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