The Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2021? Read This First!

3. A free online tool site

This is the third type of website that most best Google AdSense alternatives and AdSense itself recommend for the publishers. Now, for this type of website, you may need some money to hire developers.

Nevertheless, if you are well equipped with CSS and code languages, you can easily develop your free tool. All you need to have is the right audience for your tool. Free online tools websites can be very popular, especially if the tool is useful. 

There are thousands of free tools that you can base your website on. For example, you can decide that your website will have a tool that turns YouTube videos into mp3 or mp4 audios. Then, you can target that to YouTubers and other music lovers. 

I have also seen a site that offers free keyword research with their CPC based on different continents. Others offer GIFs, remove backgrounds, bold Facebook writings, and many others.

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Having a tool site is an added advantage in a generation where technology is growing so fast, and everyone wants something that will make their work easier. 


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