Tuesday, January 31

Scholarship for Non US Citizens: Study, Live, & Work in the US Easily in 2022

How Does this Scholarship for Non US Citizens Work

The three things that I loved most about Kenya Airlift Program which I also know you will love and quickly enroll in this program are as follows.

scholarship for non US citizens

First, they enable you to acquire funding for the scholarship for non US citizens. We all know how funding is one of the nightmares for Kenyan graduates who want to study for their Master’s in the US.

But Kenya Airlift does it for you, just like HELB gives you some student loans to facilitate your University studies, so does this program for you.

The second thing that I really love about Kenya Airlift Program is that they find well-paying jobs for you after you have graduated.

We all know the hassles of securing a job in Kenya even after you have graduated with first-class and second-class upper divisions. I mean, degrees in Kenya are no longer valued in the corporate world.

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So if this scholarship for non US citizens will get you a job after graduation, why not enroll in it? Finally, they acquire a green card for you for permanent residency in the US. Very splendid!!!

I mean who does that? Well, if you want to get those well-paying jobs and a green card to stay in the US, then continue reading to know more about this program.


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