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Scholarship for Non US Citizens: Study, Live, & Work in the US Easily in 2022

Enrollment Steps for Kenya Airlift Programs

Let’s recap everything from start to finish as far as enrolling for this scholarship for non US citizens is concerned. There are typically 8 steps to being enrolled in the Kenya Airlift program:

scholarship for non US citizens
  1. Join their telegram group – here, you interact with other prospective airlift students. You can ask any question about the program there. Join the Telegram Group Here.
  2. Send your high school, KCSE, and your degree certificate to airlift@kenyaairliftprogram.com. This is for verification purposes. They respond within 48 hours.
  3. After verification and acceptance, make a deposit of $30 as the SACCO registration fee. Choose your package and start paying your installment as per the package you chose.
  4. After making the first installment, you’re registered for GMAT or GRE and given access to GMAT or GRE materials. After three months, you are to sit for the exam, by then you should have completed your payments.
  5. After you pass the GMAT or GRE, they will verify your undergraduate studies and choose the best US university for you as per this scholarship for non US citizens.
  6. Once the university accepts you, they will assist you in the application process for graduate assistantships awards and application for the unsecured loans with their lending partners.
  7. Once the university grants you permission to join them, Kenya Airlift will start the application process for a student visa.
  8. Once your student visa is approved, they start making plans for the relocation to the United States.

As you can see, the entire process is quite simple and straightforward. The only hurdle that requires courage and knowledge to hop into is the GMAT exam.

Beautifully, if you fail the GMAT or the GRE, they usually refund the money that you had contributed. That’s a sign that they are not after your money. Read the FAQs of this program.

So, if you ask me, Kenya Airlift Program is one of its kind and a great scholarship for non US citizens who wish to study abroad. So, just apply today.


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