Scholarship for Non US Citizens: Study, Live, & Work in the US Easily in 2022

Scholarship for Non-US Citizens

I first saw it on national television in Kenya called KTN hosted by one of the renowned journalists, Alex Chamwada in a program called Daring Abroad.

Of course, I was interested in the program because I had a dream of studying in the US for my Master’s program after my graduation.

After much inquiry and verifying the genuineness of the program, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very genuine opportunity for non-US citizens.

If you have a dream of pursuing your Master’s degree in the United States, living in the US, and working in that country, then this article will be very interesting for you.

scholarship for non US citizens

As usual, we verify every detail before we put it into writing. So, you can trust this scholarship for non US citizens program and start the process.

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I know you could be curious, what’s the name of the program? What are the qualifications for this scholarship for non US citizens? What are the requirements? Am I qualified for the program?

Well, just relax, and continue reading because you will get all the answers you are looking for. Okey?


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