Why Have Comprehensive Car Insurance in California in 2024?

5. It Covers Even the Uncommon Risks

Take an example of President Trump supporters clashing with Biden supporters in Los Angeles just near where you had parked your car. Since they are throwing stones at each other, your car is likely to be damaged and your windscreens shuttered.

Under third-party insurance, you will get stressed and think of how to repair the car from your own pocket. Your bad, if your bank account is red. However, the scenario under comprehensive car insurance is quite different. It becomes the responsibility of the insurance company to repair the car and pay for any stolen item from your car.

comprehensive car insurance

The case happens in case of a terrorist attack, floods, fire, earthquakes, or hailstones. If your car is caught in the midst of a storm, don’t worry because your insurance company is there to ensure everything is alright. That’s if you have been taking the comprehensive coverage.

I know someone could be asking, what happens if my car jerks or develops a technical hitch in the midst of the road far from a city? Well, you can’t believe it but under comprehensive car insurance, the insurer will tow the car from that place to the mechanic. They do the same in case of an accident.

  • It Covers Lawsuit and other Legal Fees

I am not saying that the other benefits we have listed above are not important; they are. All I am saying is that this benefit has a greater weight compared to the rest.

If you know the cost of filing a lawsuit and pursuing it in court, you will appreciate this type of car insurance. Not to mention the cost of hiring an accident attorney in California.

However, thanks to comprehensive car insurance that ensures such costs are catered for in case of an accident. Besides giving you a rented car to use during the proceedings in court, they pay for all your legal fees.

If you are not aware of your rights under comprehensive coverage, some insurers will end up exploiting you and asking you for some money. But know it from today that your comprehensive coverage covers all those legal fees.

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