Why Have Comprehensive Car Insurance in California in 2024?

4. It Covers you From Theft of Some Spare Parts of the Car

You just packed your car and before you return, thieves have disconnected the side mirrors and some wheels. In such a situation, who do you call? Well, that’s where the insurance company comes in to ensure your car is repaired and every part replaced.

comprehensive car insurance

Nevertheless, you cannot enjoy that benefit if you are into third-party insurance; such benefits are for drivers with comprehensive car insurance. Before you take third-party insurance, think of what will happen when you find your head and tail lamps disconnected.

Based on such risks, the insurance companies in California will compensate you for such theft and damage to your car parts. Always keep your car safe because the illegal business of car spare parts is on the rampage. That’s why we encourage drivers to have comprehensive car insurance.

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