Why Have Comprehensive Car Insurance in California in 2024?

1. It Literally Caters for All the Losses

According to statistics, over 78% of drivers usually take comprehensive car insurance besides having the liability average insurance coverage. That should dive you into the question of what is comprehensive car insurance. Well, we can simply say it is a coverage that covers you, your car, your passengers, and any other third-party subject.

Now you can see why it is more expensive than a normal third-party insurance. Let me make it even clearer; for third-party insurance, your insurance company will only pay for the damages made to the third party. That’s why I don’t like this kind of coverage although it is cheaper.

comprehensive car insurance

That means, whether your vehicle was shuttered into pieces or you lost part of your body in an accident, the insurance company will just seek to pay the third party; that is the driver that you collided with. I think every driver should go for comprehensive car insurance even if it is somehow expensive.

Sometimes, it is not your fault when an accident occurs, some reckless driver just bumped into you. If you have been covered with third-party insurance, you will be surprised that the payment is to the third party. Howbeit, if you are under comprehensive car insurance, then you can be sure all losses are cater.

Whether the car is totally damaged or has been stolen, your comprehensive coverage will speak for you. Yes, it comes with high premiums but what will do if you one day find yourself in a fix and you are only paying third-party insurance? that’s a good question to ask yourself.

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