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How Do YouTubers Make Money: The Best 5 Ways

How Do YouTubers Make Money?

2. Affiliate Marketing

The second way that YouTubers use to make money is affiliate marketing. I know of YouTubers who are making thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing.

If you get a good audience who is looking up to you for a guide in buying something, then you are good to go with affiliate marketing.

email marketing template how do youtubers make money
how YouTubers earn money

Beautifully, you don’t need to have thousands of subscribers to start earning through affiliate marketing. You just need to get the product you want to market and boom you are off.

We have prepared a list of over 20 top affiliate marketing programs that you can use to earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing.

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Just visit the page above and pick any service or product you want to promote. Get a code and start posting it on your YouTube videos and descriptions.

how do youtubers make money

Once a viewer clicks on the link and purchases something, you will get a commission. Some have better commissions than others with longer cookie duration.

The above article has everything you need to start affiliate marketing. Also, visit to get all the brands that are offering affiliate marketing services. So, how do YouTubers make money? Through affiliate marketing.

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