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9 Tips to Great Productivity Management Plan for Work From Home Moms

Great Productivity Management Plan for Freelancing Moms in 2022

Working from home can be one of the most confusing things to do, especially for a mom who has their attention on great productivity management and their baby. However, a work-from-home mom schedule can be a great guide on structuring your day.

I have been working from home for five years, and I must confess that I was in one of the most confusing states in the first month. I sometimes wish I had come across a work-from-home mom schedule to at least give me a clue of how to have my productivity management on another level.

There are many disturbances when working from home, from sirens, baby screams to dog barks. Every work from home mom perhaps understands that better than I do. 

One ultimate lesson that I have learned in my five years of working from home is that planning on what to do is king. Therefore, a detailed week plan should be part of every work from home mom productivity management schedule.

The good news is that the productivity management schedule does not have to be complicated. Keep it simple, and you will get results. So, how do you make your work from home productive? Let’s explore that.

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