Did you know that you can create a website for business without any experience or skill? In today’s idea, we will discuss one platform you can use to build your own website for small business even without any money.

It will be an interesting journey which we hope will help you start earning money online. To build your own website for a small business, most people tell you you need money or a great experience.

However, after my many years of experience in the online world, I have come to discover that you can create a website for small businesses from scratch without any money or experience.

As usual on this website, we conduct thorough research before we publish any information for you. Therefore, the information presented in this article is from our own experience.

So, if you have been searching for how to build a website for a small business, then you can relax because we will show you one major commerce platform you can use to build your own website for small business. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Why Should You Build Your Own Website for Small Business

I am not here to convince you that you need to create your own website for small business. Nevertheless, the benefits accrued to such websites from my own experience are quite enormous.

I hope the below reasons will convince you to start a website for small business today using the platforms that we will show you:

1. It is free

Can you even imagine to build your own website for a small business that does not require any capital? Of course, that’s if you are going to follow our strategy:). That means you will lose nothing for trying it out.

However, if you want to spend some money, we will show you how to spend it even to make your business website even more appealing.

2. It is easy and simple

Besides, this method is free; they are less complex and easy to use. If I told you that you need no experience to create your own website for a small business, you would probably doubt me.

build your own website for small business

But, trust me, I did it myself without any experience. And look at how my business website looks awesome. So, trust me, that you don’t need any experience. Maybe, the only experience you need is typing words in English:).

3. It is profitable

Many of us like seeing numbers; I mean the amount one has generated. Well, I will not deny you that. I have generated over $2,000 using these strategies, and yes, you can do the same thing and start making some income.

Beautifully, to build your own website for small business will not take your leisure and working time. What I mean is; you can make it your side hustle. And I tell you, it is a profitable small business.

4. No maintenance fee

Unlike having a mortar and brick shop where you need to do the painting and pay rent, the method I will show you requires zero fees for 14 days. It is that beautiful. I mean, it is free and legal for the first two weeks.

I don’t know what you are waiting for; you should have your shop running within the next hour. Don’t you think so?

But what is needed for you to build your own website for small business? Well, let’s quickly look at that before we jump into the platform that you need.

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Requirements for Creating a Website for Small Business

I will give you what I used personally to get my free website for small businesses running. So, maybe there could be other things other people used, but this is based on a true story from my own experience.

So, here is what I used and what you will need if you are passionate to build your own website for small business:

1. A smartphone, tablet, or computer

This is one of the gadgets that you will need. I prefer a laptop or a desktop because of its wider visibility. However, that does not mean a smartphone will not do the job for you. Better still, a tablet will work perfectly. 

build your own website for small business

2. Creativity

Well, you will need this if you are to make sales on your business website. This virtue is needed in this type of business we are going into. Creativity and innovation are two virtues needed in any business. 

Remember, there are hundreds of such businesses out there, and if you are not going to advertise, you have to make your business stand out. We will soon write an article on how to advertise your business on Google.

However, you don’t need any advertisement for this article because we are to build your own website for small businesses for free. Hence no money, no skill, or expertise is needed.

3. Consistency and Patience

Rome was never built in a single day. That means you have to invest your time even if, at first, it will not be yielding. But with time, be sure that it will yield great results for all to see. So, remain persistent and don’t be in a hurry; treasures take time to be mined.

4. Stable internet

Finally, you need a stable internet to visit the platforms and make the websites. If you don’t have internet, you can make use of free public WiFi. Most cities now have public hotspots where you can access the internet easily.

Besides, most mobile providers are offering cheap data bundles which you can use to browse effectively.

If you are thoroughly equipped with the above, let’s see the major platform you can use to build your own website for small businesses. Shall we?

Where to Build Your Own Website for Small Business


If you have been following our blog, you will notice that we have spoken much concerning Shopify. Shopify is a global e-commerce platform and company based in Ottawa, Ontario. It is known as a platform for online stores.

build your own website for small business

This platform offers its retailers services like marketing, shipping, customer engagement tool, and payments. What should that tell you? You don’t have to do the shipping; this e-commerce does it for you. 

Shopify was started over 15 years ago in 2006 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. The website now serves its customers worldwide. That’s another great plus and a major reason for you to build your own website for a small business.

As of May 2021, Shopify had over 1.7 million businesses across 175 countries. That should tell you that people are using this platform to create websites for their small businesses. 

Another surprising fact is that 1.58 million websites are on the Shopify platform. That’s unbelievable. That tells you that if you are to build your own website for small business on Shopify, it will boom.

How to Create a Website for Business for Free on Shopify

Now, to build your own website for small business on Shopify is rather easy. I consider it one of the easiest things to do that do not require skills or experience. Here are some major steps to building a Shopify small business website:

  • Visit the Shopify website and enter your email address
  • Click start free trial for 14 days, enter your password and store name and click create your store
  • Tell them a little about yourself, like, are you already selling? What is your current revenue? Which industry will you be operating in? Are you setting a store for a client? You can decide to answer the questions or skip them. 
  • Add an address; they need a default business address for you to get paid. Enter your Name, Address, Apartment, City, Country, Postal code, and phone.
  • Hit Create Store and you are ready to start selling online.

You have the option of editing the theme of your online store to match your brand. Then, you click on customize the theme to build your own website for small business more attractively. 

I usually advise beginners to watch the Shopify guide and tutorials for a better experience on this platform. Remember to verify your email address. On your dashboard, you can change your address and start adding your first products to your website.

build your own website for small business

If you have some money that you want to spend, you decide to use a custom domain. That will eliminate “.myshopify.com,” and you will have a custom name. Mostly a domain costs $14 per year. 

But for this article, we are going to use the default name with the Myshopify extension. There are hundreds of free themes to use. I have always found Debut, Simple, and Supply themes the best free themes.

Remember to disable Password to give people access to your website for a small business after you have uploaded your products. But I know you could be wondering where do you get the products. Relax.

Where to Get Products for Your Shopify Business Website

There are many ways of populating your website with products. First, you can use your products if you have them. You upload their pictures and write their descriptions, and set their prices and quantity.

The second method is from AliExpress. This is where thousands of e-Commerce website owners get their products from. Finally, after you build your own website for small business, add an Oberlo app.

build your own website for small business

How do you Add Oberlo Dropshipping App?

Go to your dashboard and click on the menu. You will see Apps. Click on that, and you will see Oberlo among the first apps. Click it and add it to your website. Now, that’s the app you will be using to add products from AliExpress

When you add a product, you need to create an account with Oberlo and connect it with your store. You can then search out for the products you want to sell both on Oberlo and AliExpress. Then, import the products to your Shopify store, go live, and start to make sales. 

There are millions of products to import. There are various categories, including men’s clothing and accessories, women’s clothing and accessories, toys and hobbies, beauty and health, watches, jewelry and accessories, home and garden, mother and kids, sports and entertainment, etc.

What Next?

1. Import Products from AliExpress

After you build your own website for small business with Shopify and link it with Oberlo, you will click on import products and the category of the product you want to add.

You will see how people have rated them on Oberlo. The better the rating with five stars, the better for you. In other words, that’s the product to go for and populate your business website. 

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2. Edit the Imported Product

After you have selected the product you want, you will click on edit the product on Oberlo. Again, I advise that you craft your description and come up with a better name than the one given to the product.

Then click on the “import to store” after you have edited. Then, when you go to your store’s dashboard and click on products, you will see your newly added product. 

build your own website for small business

3. Choose a Payment Method

Remember to select the payment methods like PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card, Bitcoin, MPesa, Skrill, PesaPal, etc. All these are found under Settings in your dashboard. If you build your own website for small businesses, don’t forget that major step. 

4. Select your Store Currency

I need to mention that you need to select the store currency, and once you have made the first sales using the currency, you cannot change it again. So, be sure of the currency you want to use. 

5. Create the Legal Pages

After you build your own website for small business, one more thing is needed; legal pages. I mean the refund policy, privacy policy, terms of service, shipping policy, and such by legal pages. 

You don’t need any experience; click on “create a template,” and the full information will be written for you. It is that simple. Then add them on the footer menu under navigation. They usually appear at the bottom of your small business website. 

6. Choose a Plan, Remove Password, and Go live

Again, remember to remove the disable the Password to go live. However, they will ask you to choose a plan. Just choose one, hoping by the end of 14 days you will have sold one product. 

build your own website for small business

If Shopify is not the best platform for you to build your own website for small business, relax. We have two more platforms for you in the next articles. They are completely free, and they are forever, not like Shopify that gives you 14 days free trial. 

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Final Words

As you can see, you can start a Shopify store with absolutely no money or experience. However, after 14 days, you will need to pay for the plan, starting from $35. If you capitalize on the 14 days, you will have got the money for the premium plan.

You can use this trick and build your own website for small businesses for free. After you make your sale, then you can pay for the plan and get started. We will bring more ideas on building your own website for small businesses in the coming articles. Stay tuned.

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