Business Insurance Near Me: How to Get The Best 2022

I Visited the chosen companies

After conducting my deep research on the internet and getting my friend’s recommendation, I had a finalized list of the local business insurance near me that seemed genuine. I had also crafted some questions to ask the companies based on the need of my business.

I had my way of grading and giving them a score based on how well they satisfied my needs. Since most of the business insurance companies were near me, I visited most of them within 3 days. 

local business insurance near me

After the visit, I set apart another day of counting their score, the one with the highest score based on how well they satisfied my needs, became the winner. Now you could be wondering, what did you check in those companies? Well, just relax and keep reading.

What I Checked When Looking for a Local Business Insurance Near Me

1. Their Customer Service

I don’t know but, I am very sensitive to how a receptionist deals with me having in mind that I will be constantly dealing with the company. The first impression they created when I called them for an appointment contributed much to my choice of business insurance near me.

I sent them an email and tested to see how long it will take them before responding. Of course, most took around 12 hours while others were very swift in answering my questions. Although I speak English, I wanted a customer care service that is bilingual. 

Tip: A good customer care service is reliable and available 24/7. Besides, the customer care representative should be respectful to you as the client. Any rude receptionist is a great sign that the insurance company you want to work with is not good enough.


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