Friday, February 3

The Best 11 American Celebrities That Are Blood Relatives

9. Lea Thompson and Zoey Deutch

How does it feel to act with your mother perhaps in the same movie or on the same stage? Have you done it before or do you know some people who do it?

American celebrities

Well, we know some great mothers and daughters who seem to perfectly know their roles in whatever they do. And one of them is Lea Thompson and Zoey Deutch.

Who would believe that these two American celebrities are mom and daughter? Although there is much resemblance between the two, it could be something else to imagine that they are mother and daughter.


Lea Thompson seems to have trained her daughter, Zoey Deutch and sharpened her skills in acting and has eventually become the best in her role.

These two actresses, Producers, and Directors remain some of the great figures, celebrities, and icons of inspiration in America.


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