Sunday, May 28

The Best 11 American Celebrities That Are Blood Relatives

2. Priscilla Shirer and Alena Pitts

It could not be good if we would have closed this segment without mentioning this aunt and her niece who are greatly famous American celebrities.

American celebrities

Meet Priscilla Shirer one of the famous preachers and motivational speakers in America. Her fame started when she entered her acting career.

Priscilla usually acts in Christian movies alongside other great actors and directors and producers like The Kendrick Brothers. Their movies have had a great impact on the lives of many including me.


One of the best movies that Priscilla and Alena have acted in is “War Room”. In this movie, she acts as Elizabeth Jordan and the mother of Alena Pitts.

This was one of the best movies that these two blood relatives celebrities acted in. You would want to watch other great movies like “Courageous” that they have acted in.


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