Thursday, September 29

8 Great Traits of a Good Car Accident Injury Lawyer

6. Good Enquiring Skills

In every case, there are witnesses who perhaps saw the accident happen or survived the accident. They usually have clear details of what happened.

Your car accident injury lawyer was not there when the accident happened which means he relies on what the witnesses tell him or say concerning the cause of the accident.

Besides, they rely on you and the accused concerning the cause of the accident. That should tell you that a good lawyer should know how to dig information.

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Some that are great in their enquiring skills, will “accuse” the accused and say something that is quite provocating for them to see their reactions.

They do this to dig out information from the accused. They may also tell you to give them all the information and truth of what exactly happened.

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From there, they get to the witnesses and ask them questions regarding what happened. In all these, they want to get information.

A good lawyer is inquisitive and will always demonstrate their skills when handling your case. So, check that up.


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