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Top Affiliate Marketing Programs to Earn Money in 2022

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs 2022 (Updated Weekly)

Just click on any program, explore how it works, promote it by sharing on social media platforms, and start to earn when someone uses your affiliate code to register with the program. It's that simple.
Affiliate ProgramEarningsWebsiteCategoryCookie

NameCheapName Cheap affiliate marketing programs

Up to 35% Commission


30 Days

InVideoInVideo affiliate marketing programs

Earn 25-50% Per Sale

Video Maker

135 Days

DigitalOceanDigitalOcean affiliate marketing programs

Give $25 - Get $25


60 Days

Payoneer affiliate marketing

30% Commission



TransferWise affiliate marketing

Up to 50 GBP



CPAGripCPAGrip affiliate marketing programs

Earn 5% Lifetime Commission

CPA Network

30 Days
Affiliate ProgramEarningsWebsiteCategoryCookie

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Pick a Program from the table above and Start Earning Today!

Why is This Affiliate Marketing Program List Important?

This list of affiliate marketing programs enabled you to start earning immediately. Yes, you read that well; immediately.

Some are simple to join while others may be a bit involving. However, most of the above require a simple sign up and you become ready to start promoting your product.

How to Earn Commission

Earning commission with affiliate programs can be categorized into two:

  • Through Cost Per Action ( CPA)
  • After the reference makes a purchase, earns some money or deposits a certain amount.

CPAGrip is one of the best CPA affiliate programs where you get paid when people give their emails, names, Zips, Credit Card, or sign up for a program. Read more on CPAGRIP here.

Pick one of the Affiliate Marketing Programs from the table above and Start Earning Today!

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