West Virginia Mountaineers Vs. Pittsburgh Panthers Football is here again after a long time of being away

West Virginia and Pitts are some of the greatest rivalries when it comes to college football that will leave you in awe

They are both preparing to face each other in this year's college football. Fans are waiting to see the result.

In a few hours' time, Pitts will be facing their long-time rival, WVM, who are not willing to let go or be defeated.

West Virginia is a group trained by fourth-year lead trainer Neal Brown, an offense drove by new hostile Graham Harrell,

and of course, a strong wall of defense led by defensive coordinator Jordan Lesley who is best at what he does.

Although West Virginia has lost some of the players to other teams since the 2021 season, it is not a light team.

The hostile and guarded lines are heavy, experienced units, and a previous five-star quarterback has shown up to lead the offense.

On the other hand, Pittsburg is eagerly prepared to silence West Virgin once and for all. They're equally equipped.

Since they have weighed each other's muscles before, neither WVM nor Pitts is willing to concede defeat.