The quarterback, Russell Wilson, consent to Broncos Country terms on five-year, $245M contract expansion

Russell Wilson was like, "Broncos Country, let's sign." That means he is ready to stay in Denver for now 7 years

It was a great deal for Russell Wilson and is willing to extend his stay at Broncos for the next 5 years.

Broncos Country is willing to pay Wilson 245 million dollars for the five years term he will be with them

It has been a conversation that has been going on for some months and it came into a conclusion this day

And both parties are happy about the new contract. Broncos Country declared that they will afford the pay

Having been 2 years away from the expiration of his term in Denver, Wilson is now in for the next 7 years

This is following his recent signature to be in Denver for 5 years. He seemed quite happy with his deal.

Although there were some allegations of his sexual misconduct, Denver doesn't seem to care about that.

Now the eyes of everyone in Broncos and Denver at large are on this quarterback, Russell Wilson to see his game