It was a great day for Rafael Nadal after grabbing his first victory in the US Opens

Rafael Nadal had previously said that he is there to play his best

Rafael Nadal played his  best which made him to defeat Rinky Hijikata on Tuesday night

His 4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-3 victory gave him a top notch over Hijikata

Although there were concerns that Nadal had some issues with health as witnessed in Wimbledon,

This time he played so well, and there no signs of torn abdominal muscle pains 

In Wimbledon, he was forced to pull out of the game due to the torn abdominal muscle pains

"I went through this tough moment but then I think I played better, no?" Nadal asked reporters

"I felt that maybe I wouldn't be back here again ... so, thank you everyone." Nadal said after his win