The Journey to the Moon is finally here after NASA postponed it early this week due to engine malfunction.

According to NASA they are ready to launch Artemis 1 to the moon this Saturday at around 2:17 p.m. EDT

It was a great disappointment for NASA spectators this Monday when Artemis launch failed because of engine problem.

This time, they have tested the rocket and certain that it is going to take off by Saturday 3rd September.

This giant rocket happens to be the first largest rocket that NASA has ever sent to the moon. It is will be a success accomplished. 

NASA officials are expected to give a brief report and progress of the Artemis 1 launch on Friday before the big day.

From the United States to the United Kingdom, everyone is awaiting the launch of this monster rocket at 9am ET.

What is the aim of NASA if you may ask in sending Artemis to the moon? Well, they have a goal that they want to achieve.

Well, they have an aim of going to the moon, going around it, and come back to the earth. That's incredible.

That could be the reason why this Artemis rocket is made from one of their most powerful system by the Space Launch System.