Tuesday, October 4

Diana Marua YouTube Channel Hacked At 605K Great Subscribers

Diana Marua Mourns A Great Heartbreak

Diana Marua aka Mrs. Bahati is now facing one of the major setbacks a person of her caliber can face after her YouTube channel was hacked by unknown people. I cannot imagine the pain and disappointment she is going through.

Diana Marua YouTube channel hacked after building her audience for years and now enjoying her wide and lovely audience of over 605K subscribers. She must be feeling really heartbroken. Guys, it takes a lot of effort to grow a channel to such great heights as she did.

I feel that this is a major setback for this popular Kenyan celebrity who has been rising with the support of Bahati and her loving sister Michele.

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Diana Marua expressed her great disappointment on her Instagram page and recounted the many losses she has been left counting after her YouTube channel was hacked.

diana marua youtube channel hacked

She joined the YouTube streaming platform around August 19th, 2019 and within three years, she had really attracted a crowd into her channel totaling over 605K.

But the question is, who hacked Diana’s YouTube channel? Keep reading.


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