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The Most Outstanding Playstation Network Features You Should Know in 2021

Outstanding PS5 Features – PlayStation Network 5

Gone are the days for questions like; is there going to be a PS5? Is PlayStation network 5 coming out in 2020? Thanks to Sony for the release of the Playstation store 5 consoles into the market. Gaming has been one of the excellent hobbies many people still love to pass the time or create a bond in a family.

Playstation 4 has been one of the greatest consoles in the past five years, having sold more than 76 million units globally. The excellent features in this unit perhaps made the console famous. To ensure that Sony maintains its standing, they have come up with Play Station network 5 to spice up things. There are certain features that many gamers of Playstation store 4 never paid much attention to, yet they are quite important.


PS5 - PlayStation 5 ps

Some Playstation 4 features like appearing offline, listening to music while playing, having external hard drive support, sharing button customization, mobile app, controller headphone jack, voice commands, and share play, among others. These features have been improved in the Playstation store 5 consoles. Let’s dive in and learn more about Playstation network 5.

What’s So Good About the PlayStation 5

1. Lightning Speed

When it comes to gaming, speed is everything. No one wants to play a game that keeps hanging, especially when you are about to hit your target. PlayStation store 4 was having a great speed, but PlayStation network 5 comes up with a higher rate to make your gaming experience better. This latest PlayStation harnesses the power of your custom CPU, SSD, and also GPU.

PS5 - PlayStation 5 ps

All these are integrated with I/O, which negates some rules that govern a PlayStation. With the ultra-high-speed SSD in Playstation network 5, every gamer can now maximize their play sessions with instant load times. This can be related to Integrated I/O, which has enabled creators of PlayStation 5 to design games that have never been possible before.

2. Stunning Games on 4K-TV

Thanks to the developers and creators of PlayStation 5 for their creativity in releasing outstanding graphics. You can fully enjoy up to 120fps with 120Hz output, which makes all the pictures run smooth and fluid. With Playstation network 5, you can play your favorite game on 4K TV hence a better gaming experience.

3. Ray Tracing

Although Playstion store 4 had good images, Playstation network 5 can be said to have advanced and real images. Now you can play your game more realistically as the rays of light and ray tracing stimulate images creating true-to-life shadows. The reflections of the quality images make PlayStation Network 5 gaming the best in our millennial generation.

PS5 - PlayStation 5 ps

4. HDR Technology

This is another excellent feature that has made PlayStation 5 outstanding compared to the previous console. The high definition technology in this console displays an unbelievable and vibrant range of colors. This console is also compatible with an 8k display via HDMI 2.1 support.

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Other Great Features:

  • Game boost – fast and smooth frame rates
  • Digital Playstation 5 console upgrade – the gamer can upgrade their Playstation network 4 disc to digital Playstation store 5
  • Backward Compatibility – with the console, it is easy to play a back catalog of the previous console on PlayStation 5.
  • PlayStation VR integration – You can enjoy Playstation VR games by connecting a Playstation network VR to your modernized PlayStation Store 5 console.

Frequently Asked Questions on Playstation Store 5 Console

1. How much will the PlayStation Network 5 cost?

This depends on your country, but Sony has made this console as affordable as possible, ranging between $399 to 499. That means it is another excellent time to enjoy various games on your own Ultra HD Blu Ray console.

2. Will Playstation 4 games work on the new Playstation 5?

Oh, yes, they will. The console is from the same company, and all they have done is to make it more advanced. That means the majority of the Playstation store 4 games can be played on the 4K PlayStation 5 console. This is one feature that has made gamers happy across the globe. Don’t be left behind.

3. Will Playstation 4 controllers work on Playstation 5?

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that gamers cannot use PS4 controllers to play games on PlayStation store 5 games. Nevertheless, the PlayStation 5 controller supports DualShock 4 when playing some games with backward compatibility with Playstation network 4.

PS5 - PlayStation 5 ps

4. What graphics does Playstation 5 have?

As described in the features above, it has AMD Radeon RDNA 2 with various frequencies that are up to 2.23GHz and also 10.3 teraflops with accelerated ray tracing in its hardware. This is quite a powerful feature that ensures that the graphics of PS5 are HD.

5. Is PlayStation Network 5 Controller Good?

It is. Its buttons are on another level simply because of their high response-ability and great presses. It also comes with excellent grips encouraging you to play for long without getting tired. And when the game becomes intense, and your hands start to sweat, the textured grip on the Playstation store 5 DualSense controllers is good enough to keep you at the top of the game.

6. What Does the PS5 look like?

Typically, it is very appealing to the eye, and immediately you see it, you gain the morale of playing the PlayStation network 5 games. It includes a white and black design in a vertical position. It is incredible with its futuristic design.

PS5 - PlayStation 5 ps

7. How much will the Playstation 5 cost in South Africa?

As earlier mentioned, the cost of PlayStation 5 will range from one country to another depending on the strength of the currency of that country compared to a dollar. Nevertheless, if you want to shop for Playstation network 5 in South Africa, you will pay around R11,999.99 while the Digital Edition of the same at R9,999.99.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a PS5 Console

Games have come and gone but one thing that has always remained in the mind of most gamers is the experience they had with that particular game. Playstation network is here again with one of the best games in the history of Playstation stores.

playstation network

Many gamers have been on the lookout for years awaiting this awesome game and before it was finally released into the market. Since then, most experienced gamers have commented and shared their experience with PS5. Well, the truth remains, it is one of the great games out there in the league of Legends.

Nevertheless, there is one hiccup that new gamers are getting when it comes to purchasing new consoles. Of course, the Playstation network releases the best and high-quality PS consoles but counterfeits in the market are there to ensure most gamers don’t get the original products.


That’s why in this section, we are going to guide you on some of the factors you should consider when buying a PS5 console or any gaming console including their controllers. So, are you ready to learn? If yes, let’s dive in.

1. Cost

Do I have to talk about this? Well, for the sake of the newbies, let me speak briefly on this factor. There is a saying that goes, “cut your cloth according to your size”. That simply means that you should spend within your budget. So, my fellow gamer, don’t go for those expensive consoles and controllers.

playstation network

The beauty of Playstation Network is that they release their consoles and gaming controllers in such a way that you can use the same controls to play the upgraded game. For example, PlayStation 5 controller supports DualShock 4 when playing some games with backward compatibility with Playstation network 4.

Although you cannot use the PS4 controllers on PS5, you have the opportunity of backward compatibility. That aside, I was talking of cost. Don’t empty your wallet to buy a fancy and modified PS5; be content with what the PlayStation network is providing; it is the best.

2. Design

All of us love flashy machines that our friends will see and get shocked. However, when it comes to PS5, I just want you to go with a slim size. It is quite presentable although it could be a bit expensive. Of course, go with the latest model.

The market is currently flooded with PS5 consoles since the Playstation Network released it. Be careful about the kind of design you go. Don’t be deceived by the flashy looks and forget to check the functionality of the console. Are we together?

3. Sellers

playstation network

As mentioned previously, there are counterfeit products in the market that many newbies are falling for but I don’t want you to be a victim of counterfeit PS5 consoles. Before you purchase this gaming machine from any seller, ensure that they are certified to sell the product.

Many sell without giving you receipts; don’t befall into their traps. Others ensure that they sell their machines at a very cheap price which attracts every gamer who is interested in the machine. However, after playing a few games, you will notice that your machine has started hanging or will collapse completely. Go for authorized sellers only.

4. Speed

Who doesn’t know that speed is one of the major factors to check out for? When it comes to gaming, speed is the motivation behind the player. Who wants to play their games while the TV or monitor is hanging? I hate it, I feel like smashing the machine down. That is Playstation network brings this awesome game to us gamers.

Although PS4 was fast in its operation, PS5 comes with better modifications to make your gaming experience better and faster. It comes with a capacity to harnesses the power of your custom CPU, SSD, and also GPU. That’s why gamers love this game.


5. Storage Space

Now this refers to the internal space where your gaming history and saves are stored. If you are using a PlayStation that is limited in space, you will not fail to have delays, buffering, and hanging. Before you buy that PS ensure you check on the storage space.

playstation network

The latest PlayStation consoles are coming with high-speed machines that are characterized by very high storage spaces. The higher the storage space, the faster the machine is likely to be. The specs are well written on the manual, read it before purchasing the machine.

6. Your workstation

This relates to the table where you will be playing your game. Depending on how large your desk is, you can go for a larger machine that will suit your needs. However, if your workstation is small, you need to use a smaller console. Whichever you choose to use, you will get maximum satisfaction in your gaming.

7. The available games

Well, I don’t want you to just jump into PS5 just because everyone is playing it. You are not everyone. If you are not done with the games in PS4, you don’t have to go ahead to PS5. First, finish playing the games in PS4 before going to PS5.

However, check out the new games on PS5. They are just as great as the previous model. I would recommend keeping the two machines on your workstation, that’s if it is a large one, because there will be games in PS4 that are not in PS5. What do you think? Don’t just through away your previous gaming machine, it could be quite entertaining as the present one.

8. What your friends are playing

Well, this is a factor you cannot afford to miss. I know it looks somehow but this is where the fun lies especially if you like playing with your friends. You can upgrade to PS5 and end up lonely and playing alone because all your friends are in PS4 and vice versa.

If you usually game as a team, I advise that you check the kind of PlayStation network that your friends are in and either join them or decide to wait. However, go at your speed, don’t be in a hurry; only upgrade when you get the cash.

playstation network

9. The TV Model

Statistics show that most homes are now having 4K TV meaning the graphics are of high quality. Over 40% of households across the globe are now into 4K. This has become the target of PlayStation networks when releasing their machines.

Their target is to release machines that are compatible with 4K screens making gamers who own 1080p TVs quite advantaged. That means the new console will have the best graphics. I, therefore, advise that you own a 1080p TV even before buying a PS5.

Now that you have known some of the things to check out for before you acquire your next PlayStation console, let me briefly give you some tips that will help you land into the best PS5 ever. So, keep reading.

Tips to Having the Best Playstation 5 Console

1. Don’t be in a hurry to buy one

Have you ever noticed that the first console bunch that the Playstation network releases usually have some defects? Well, if you had not known, now you do. What should that tell you, don’t be in a hurry, after all, you have not finished playing the games on PS4, right?

PS5 is not going anywhere and the worst that can happen is rushing to buy a console and then it starts having defects. It becomes even crazy when you bought it from an unlicensed dealer. Therefore, why not wait until the best PlayStation consoles have been released into the market? No pressure.


2. Buy from a licensed dealer

You will only have the best PlayStation machine if you buy it from licensed dealers. They are in every city; it all depends on how you are willing to look out for them. Do you even need to research them? Playstation network has a list of licensed sellers.

Those backyard sellers will only con you by selling counterfeit machines. Yes, they will sell the PS5 at a cheaper price but be sure it will only last for a few months if you are lucky. These licensed dealers are the ones to provide original machines to you.


Having said that, how do you know the right seller of PS5? Let’s discuss that and close on that score.

How to Identify the Right PS Seller

1. They are experienced in the gaming world

I have never trusted those outlets that deal with electronics and sell PlayStation consoles. I mean, the guys don’t have any experience in the gaming industry, they have very little knowledge of what they are selling. They should be in operation for at least 5 years. So, why not ensure that the seller is experienced in the field?

2. They are licensed

A good PS seller must be licensed by the Playstation network to deal with the PS consoles. They should also have a government permit to operate in that business. You need to check for the license before buying your next PlayStation machine.

3. They are quite reliable

playstation network

Reliability is one trait you have to look out for in your seller. They should provide you with all the information you need for the PS5 you are planning to buy. A good seller will be reliable enough to sell a high-quality PS console to you.

4. Offer after-sales services

Sometimes you may need assistance with connecting your console, a good supplier or seller should help you with that. However, if you had PS4, it should not be a difficult thing to connect your PS5. Besides, you have a manual that you can follow and fix your machine.

5. They have variety

A good supplier should have a variety of PS consoles. At least they should have the previous models of PlayStations in case you need them. They should also have the PS controllers and all the accessories you need as a gamer.


It is impressive to see how many gamers were waiting for the PS5 release date, especially in India. And amazingly, it happens to be one of the biggest launches in history, according to the PlayStation network CEO, President Jim Ryan. It is a clear sign that Playstation network 5 is going to make gamers more entertained and engaged always. I don’t know what you are waiting for; you can search for PlayStation store 5 Amazon or PlayStation 5 for sale or join the draw to get your Playstation 5. Please don’t wait any longer; make it happen and join the club of significant gamers.

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